Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons team up for a very Canadian merch drop

Do you Belieb in a double-double?

Justin Bieber Tim Hortons Merch

While some of the biggest musicians in the world have partnered with McDonald’s to make their own merch and meals (and stacks of cash), Justin Bieber is going a decidedly more Canadian route by teaming up with Tim Hortons.

For those who don’t know, Tim Hortons is essentially the Canadian equivalent of Dunkin’ Donuts. Our friends to the north love the chain for its donuts and affordable coffee, and the term “double-double” was added to the Canadian version of the Oxford dictionary to refer to coffee served with double-milk and double-sugar. Numerous locations are also in the Northern Midwest and Western East Coast — Buffalo is particular fond of Tim Hortons — but no one loves Tim Hortons as much as the Canadians.

In what should count as an act of national pride, Ontario-native Bieber has launched a small collection “Tim Biebs” merch. But somewhat inexplicably, the goods are only available in the U.S., leaving the people who’d appreciate it most in the frigid Canadian cold.

Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

Will the States show out? — The Tim Biebs capsule may very well be an effort to inject Tim Hortons into the hearts of America, one teen (or former teen?) at a time. A logo mashing up the two names appears on beanies, fannie packs, and tote bags all priced at $30 a piece. From a design perspective, the goods are all fine and well — but the question remains, who is this all for?

If you happen to be a Belieber and a Canadian expat in America longing for home, the relatively cheap merchandise may be the perfect collision inside your heart. Apart from that, perhaps your love of Justin Bieber trumps your ambivalence over Tim Hortons or vice-versa. If you’re in any of these camps, you can pick up the merch right here. But as Americans, we should all pray the merch eventually ends up coming to those more in need up north.