Jeff Staple’s ‘Pigeon’ Crocs are trash — and that’s the point

The foam clogs capture all the dirty charm of NYC.

Crocs x Jeff Staple "Sidewalk Luxe" clog

One man’s trash is another man’s inspiration for a pair of Crocs. The casual footwear giant and designer Jeff Staple took to Instagram last month to drop hints about their upcoming New York City-themed collab. Even more droppings were to come, as the Classic Clog takes inspiration from pigeons, their poop, and city garbage.

Staple has long had an affinity for pigeons having said in a past interview with The Sole Supplier that he admires their hustle and survival skills. His Nike SB Dunk Low sneaker from 2005 also paid tribute to the bird, and the release sparked a riot that was one of the first publicized examples of just how far sneakerheads are willing to go to secure a hyped shoe.

Taking flight — Pigeons have been a hallmark of Staple’s namesake brand over the years, and the “Sidewalk Luxe” Classic Clog is no exception. A gray and white color scheme mirrors the city streets and the bird droppings that all too often splatter them. “The allover print is inspired straight from above, because when the pigeon poops, they always hit their mark,” Crocs says in its product description.


Instead of highlighting the best of what New York City has to offer, Staple has dug into the some of the grossest things you’ll find on the streets for the Jibbitz. Included in the collection of charms are a pigeon, cockroach, rat, chewed-up gum, Greek coffee cup, matchbook, and a reptile eating a pizza slice from a manhole. The two have also created a pair of giant Jibbitz that take on the appearance of red pigeon feet. When the wearer puts them on and looks down, it almost looks like they themselves have the tallons.

When it comes to collaborations, Crocs is known for incorporating its partners’ personalities into the mix. Whether it’s barbed wire straps, textured fingerprint construction, or a complete manifestation of a brand’s whole image, the footwear company has some of the most fun collabs out there.

When it’s landing — Crocs and Jeff Staple’s “Sidewalk Luxe” classic clog will see a release at 12 p.m. ET April 12 via raffle on the Crocs site. There’s a clog for every occasion already on the market, and for $70, you too can have a New York City-tested, pigeon-approved footwear staple.