A Japanese fashion brand made face masks that look like horrific teeth opening and closing

Malicious X utilizes hidden folds to awesome effect.

Finding a black mask amongst the now-flush market is an easy feat, but what if it's still not goth enough for you? Worry not your already troubled heart, for a Japanese brand has launched one of the best topical outputs in fashion since COVID-19 first struck.

Malicious.X created a range of masks featuring several different monstrous mouths straight out of a horror film. They're so terrifying that you should have no trouble keeping others a socially distant six feet away. But wait for the best part...

The mouth moves! — Thanks to some well-positioned folds, you can gnaw like a rabid dog at anyone who dares to step too close. Sure, you'll look like a lunatic — but why not lean in fully to the essence of horror while rocking it? Maybe you'll even get to make a child cry.

But let's say you want to tone it down just a little. Malicious.X has masks with eyes that are also scary but not quite as animated. Choosing one of them instead is basically an act of twofold benevolence: stopping the spread and saving others from your full, chaotic self.


Pre-order now — Malicious.X has made the masks available for pre-order, which should all but assure you get one if you want one. They're only about $30, but shipping will set you back quite a bit more, as you'll have to pay to haul it all the way over from Japan.

If you're anything like me, you're desperate for ways to compulsively spend within the confines of the pandemic. So screw it, blow the bag on shipping. Or peruse through the rest of Malicious.X's fare to beef up your order and make the cost more justifiable. Maybe a necklace with a jarringly realistic red eye is the other accessory you never knew you needed.