Hugo Boss offers the most advanced AR try-on service yet

The feature allows consumers to create digital mannequins tailored to their exact measurements.

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Augmented reality has helped shoppers virtually try on goods from retailers including Amazon, Warby Parker, and Fendi — but Hugo Boss is taking the feature to another level. The German brand has partnered with Reactive Reality, a leading 3D digitization technology company, to allow consumers to create personalized avatars based on their precise body measurements. The bespoke mannequins can then be used to try on clothes in a virtual dressing room with a staggering level of detail.

The future of online shopping — Since the pandemic began, people have turned more to online shopping, with some even doing so exclusively as opposed to in-stores. But without the ability to accurately try on clothes, it can be difficult for customers to find their ideal clothing size. Hugo Boss’s virtual feature aims to change that so people won’t have to purchase multiple sizes, deal with returns, or analyze models with body types that don’t represent them.

Hugo Boss

“We know that the global pandemic has considerably accelerated the fashion retail market, and we want to help retailers keep up with the demands of consumers who are looking for new and exciting ways to shop online,” Stefan Hauswiesner, CEO and co-founder of Reactive Reality, said in a press release. “Understandably, some consumers still may not feel confident enough or able to venture into physical stores yet, so our tech, which can be integrated into any web store or shopping app, offers the perfect solution for both parties.”

How it works — Using Reactive Reality’s patented PICTOFiT augmented technology, shoppers can create their own digital mannequins tailored to their measurements. The feature then allows users to virtually try on Hugo Boss products in a variety of ways, including with a shirt tucked in or out, testing the transparency of a garment, or seeing what the piece looks like layered with others.

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PICTOFiT is the most advanced virtual try-on service to be widely offered to shoppers. As of now, the virtual try-on tool is only available to shoppers in Germany, the U.K., and France, but the feature will likely make its way to online retailers across the globe.