How to dress as funky and fun as Emma Chamberlain

We found eight pieces emulating the YouTuber’s thrifty style, keeping the cost just as low as second-hand.

YouTube creator, Emma Chamberlain.
Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain's fashion has played a major role in new aesthetics — a simple scroll down her Instagram profile proves it. When the world saw Emma Chamberlain wearing a crew neck and flared leggings — or yoga pants, as some of us know them by — the world went out and bought crew necks and flared leggings.

Emma Chamberlain

It’s easy to emulate her style: Crop tops, platform Docs, and loose pants are basically the YouTuber’s starter pack. But while Chamberlain’s clothes are almost always enviable, they’re not always affordable. So, we’ve gathered eight pieces that channel the YouTuber’s fashion — but at much more relatable prices.

Emma Chamberlain