Herschel embraces the Dark Side with a new ‘Star Wars’ bag collection

May the merch be with you.

As we know the Force is always with us, Herschel Supply Co. is inviting everyone to step over to the Dark Side with its new collection. Made in partnership with Star Wars, the new capsule of backpacks and bags is an ode to the 1980 film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V).

Regardless of your favorite character, each set is packed with details fans will love. Utilitarian design, as tough as a Mandalorian’s armor, boasts features like magnet-fastened straps, air mesh back padding, and laptop sleeves. The entire rugged-yet-stylish range also includes a character-dedicated interior liner, an interior Star Wars and Herschel Supply label, and a tonal Herschel Supply label on the outside.

Luke, I’m on your bag — Herschel’s signature silhouettes have been transformed into styles inspired by three iconic Star Wars characters. Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and of course, the Stormtroopers have each taken over a set of the brand’s bags.

Star Wars x Herschel

Boba Fett’s line includes the brand’s classic XL backpack, Dawson XL backpack and its smaller iteration, and a large crossbody bag. All models don a camouflage print reminiscent of the bounty hunter’s attire.

Meanwhile, the Darth Vader-inspired line gets a bit darker — literally. With references to the Sith Lord’s armor and the Galactic Empire crest, the all-black styles resemble the villain while offering a bit more storage. Coming in Herschel’s Little America backpack, Nova Mid-Volume backpack, Nova duffle, and Seventeen hip pack, this set is for fans who are constantly on the run — much like Darth Vader once was. There are also hidden messages on the woven label inside the bags reading “Join the Dark Side” and “No, I am your father.”

Star Wars x Herschel

But no villain would be where they are without their henchmen. The final set of the collection transforms Herschel’s Miller backpack, Nova Mini backpack, Seventeen hip pack, and compact Settlement Case with sleek white hues and a royal blue interior — a nod to the iconic Stormtrooper uniform. Screen-printed control panels can also be seen on the bags’ pockets.

Buy or buy not. There is no try — The collaborative capsule is available now at Herschel stores and the brand’s website. Ranging from $30 to $120, there’s something for everyone — even Jedis. Herschel announced this collection was just the first of three unveilings planned this year, so those who prefer the Light Side will get a chance to cop their colors too.

Star Wars x Herschel