Gen.G is the latest 'League of Legends' team to get streetwear jerseys

Heron Preston worked with Puma on the new gaming apparel.

Heron Preston Puma Gen. G Jersey

The relationship between fashion and gaming continues to grow stronger. Heron Preston has teamed up with Puma to design the jerseys Gen.G will wear for the League of Legends World Championship. Preston is serving as the "executive brand advisor" for Gen.G, while Puma was announced as the Korean team's official sponsor back in June.

From the front, the Preston-designed jerseys seem rather ordinary for an esports team and bare the logos for all parties involved, including team sponsor Mercedes-Benz. The rear, however, gives way for Preston's flourishes and features a globe graphic with speech balloons calling out the team's hometown of Seoul and formation in 2017.

Gen.G will wear the jerseys next month for the World Championship, and the team has promised a limited-edition release will be announced.


Puma's gaming ties — In addition to Gen.G, Puma has exclusive deals with four other esports teams: Cloud9, Futbolist, Order, and x-com AGO. The world of professional gaming has become the new frontier for sports apparel, with the likes of Nike and Adidas also competition for team sponsorships.

Earlier this year, Puma launched its first gaming shoe, an overwrought sock called Active Gaming Footwear. The shoe is said to be "comfortable, lightweight, and grippy" — which doesn't seem particularly advantageous versus most non-gaming footwear on the market. But perhaps the joke's on me for thinking sneakers for gaming are superfluous. Puma's shoe, priced at $100, is currently sold out.

High fashion is joining in, too — Louis Vuitton began partnering with League of Legends at last year's World Championship and produced a specialized trunk to house the trophy. The luxury house also outfitted players in the game and IRL, with LoL skins and a capsule collection made in conjunction with the game.

Gucci, too, joined the mix with a $1,600 limited-edition diving watch made for the esports league Fnatic. Gaming, it seems, can no longer be ignored by the world of high fashion — and Heron Preston will surely be followed into the space by more designers.