These dress shoes mold to your feet after you dunk them in water

Hender Scheme's “Foot Cast” are a game-changer.

Sneakerheads should be familiar with Hender Scheme for the Japanese brand’s picture-perfect, premium recreations of some of the most iconic sneakers, including the Air Jordan 4 and Nike Air Force 1. But there are occasions that don’t call for sneakers, and Hender Scheme may have cooked up the best dress shoe for such moments.

The new “Foot Cast” model comes in derby and slip-on versions, both of which are intended to be submerged in water while wearing them in order to get the perfect fit. Once you’ve done that, the shoes will begin molding to your feet — and you just need to let them dry so that they’ll shrink. Then you put your feet back in, mold the opening, and you’ve completed the process to create the ideal shoe for your feet and your feet only.

One possible issue — Our only concern is smell, as Hender Scheme doesn’t say anything about the process that could inevitably become stinky. Then again, these are the types of shoes you’re going to want to rock sockless — so you may be taking funk-fighting measures regardless of whether or not you take them for a dip in water.

The sole unit is made from a special type of stacked leather, so the water won’t mess up its shape in the process. You’ve also got three choices for leather, with unfinished and untanned horse leather available in a smooth or suede, or a goat leather in black. Over time, because of their raw nature, they’ll develop a unique and rich patina.

Hender Scheme
Hender Scheme
Hender Scheme

Japan only, for now — Hender Scheme just launched the Foot Cast shoes on its website and at select boutiques in Japan, and as of now they’re not yet available in the States. If you just can’t wait, a proxy service can get them imported with nominal effort — but it should just be a matter of time before U.S. stores get stock.

Starting at $305, the derby shoe and slip-on are about half as cheap as the premium bootlegs Hender Scheme is known for — which is just more incentive to embrace a post-sneaker world.