Gucci's $8,300 guitar case couldn't come at a worse time

Have you heard we're in a recession?


Last week, I touted Chanel's handbag-inspired AirPods cases as a luxury accessory ill-suited for the recession. Little did I know a new music-oriented accessory would arrive to make a tiny quilted leather case seem like a modest purchase by comparison.

Gucci has released a monogram-covered guitar case for the eye-popping price of $8,300. Supposedly tied to creative director Alessandro Michele's love for music and travel, the hardshell case is lined with velvet to house a guitar that could not be played enough to warrant the cost. Besides Harry Styles, Michele's muse, who in the world would this Gucci guitar case be appropriate for? I'm picturing a painfully lame finance bro bringing his guitar out of it for a harrowing cover of "Wonderwall."


What's in the cost? — The canvas leather case with grained leather trim features a stitched "GG" monogram, as well as studded detailing throughout. Made in Italy, it also features a leather hinged handle for carrying and bumper studs for whenever you find a surface clean enough to set it down on. Inside, it comes with a leather logo flag for umm, panache, and a leather support strap for whichever guitar you decide to put inside. The central logo, too, is stamped onto the leather.


Have at it — No one in the world needs this flamboyant case, but perhaps you're the rare person who can afford it and wants it anyway? If so, you can head over to Ssense and prepare to hand over $8,300. My only advice is to match that spend on lessons because the case itself will say a lot of things, none of them being that you're competent with your fingertips.