Givenchy made its own monstrous, spiky version of Crocs

As Nicki Minaj would say, that’s a monster shoe.


Is fashion just inherently ugly? Givenchy’s new creative director Matthew Williams seems to think so. Via a Fall 2021 lookbook, the designer unveiled patent leather platform boots, chunky hardware slides, and worst of all, suede clogs with multiple spikes. It’s an apocalypse runway moment.

“Ultimately, what I am trying to do in the Givenchy collections is reflect today’s world,” Williams said of his inspiration. Well, that explains it. 2020 is basically one big dangerous Croc — deceivingly comfy, but ready to stab you in the back at any moment. Williams added in a statement about the collection, “It’s an idea of a more personal luxury, of simultaneous formality and informality, construction and comfort; it’s the luxury of people wearing clothes, not clothes wearing people.” So why do these shoes look like they have a built-in ankle monitor?

A spiky statement — Simply put, these shoes look as if you took regular Crocs, covered them with suede, and then replaced all the Jibbitz with nails. Their ridiculousness caused them to go viral, appearing on Diet Prada and dubbed “Bowser chic.” Other Instagram users called the shoe “punk-croc” after its familiar shape.

While the shoe is ugly in its own unique way, it’s reminiscent of Balenciaga’s actual spiky Crocs from 2018 — which could be blamed for beginning this Croc epidemic in the first place. What started as ironic style turned into a full-on revival of dad fashion. Given all the couture Croc drops this year — including collections from celebrities Bad Bunny, the Grateful Dead, and Justin Bieber — we can’t say we’re surprised Givenchy is hopping on the trend. Just… disappointed.

If the clogs aren’t your style but you’re still interested in wearing a weapon, the studded shoe will also drop in a slide form. Givenchy claims that both monstrosities are made for comfort, despite their appearance. Each pair is crafted using new TPU techniques, meaning the shoes are plush and flexible. Don’t judge a shoe by its terrifying exterior, I guess.


Wield your weapon — Both styles will drop in black and brown suede to make them super versatile. You can cop soon on Givenchy’s website. Not only can you wear these cozy shoes during a Zoom meeting, but you can don them while grocery shopping to ensure people stay six feet away. No matter how much the shoes cost, I would pay to see the looks on people’s faces. Talk about looking sharp.