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15 Essential Grooming Products For Men That You Can Actually Get At Walmart

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Look. It’s been almost a year. Remember all the “experiments” you tried on your appearance during season one of quarantine? Maybe it started with a grown-out mop and a scraggly beard. A month later, an impromptu buzzcut in the bathtub made you realize that, no, you do not have the head shape you thought you did. Now it’s grown out, a curious hairstyle two inches in length on all sides, which gets a washing with whatever foaming substance has yet to hit empty in your shower. It’s time to smarten up and invest in some essential grooming products for men to get you out of that quarantine self-care slump.

I know there’s an appeal to the notion of a 5-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/face wash/body wash amalgamation. At face value, it can appear to be a feat of scientific engineering. The truth is, men’s skin care (and hair care!) exists for a reason. We have specific concerns like razor-burned skin and rampant oil production that usually go untreated. If there’s one thing you learn from reading this, let it be this: there’s a bevy of grooming essentials out there that can help you feel like your most handsome self. Here are 15 you can buy right now on

A Gentle Face Wash That Isn’t Shampoo Run-Off

Moisturizer, No Matter How Shiny You Get

SPF. Every. Single. Day.

A Zit Contingency Plan

A Zit Contingency Plan, Continued

A Shampoo Your Significant Other Will Want To Steal

A Hair Product You Can Actually Run Your Hands Through

Man Up And Wear Lip Balm

Something To Help You Look Alive

Cologne, Upgraded

A Tool Kit For Your Hooves

Liquid Power Sander (Also For Your Hooves)

A Trimmer That Can Tackle Any Length Stubble

A Means To Tackle Your Body Hair Without The Itch

A Favor To Those Around You