Feet lovers, eBay made a candle that smells like a fresh pair of sneakers

The perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Long before people fought over sneakers on the likes of StockX and GOAT, eBay was the original marketplace for buying and selling sneakers online. To celebrate, the platform is launching a limited edition candle that smells like — get this — a new sneaker, fresh out of the box. Named "Authentique," the candle is inspired by the experience of unboxing and smelling new, authentic kicks — we wonder if it’ll come with the same satisfaction.

While a sneaker-scented candle does sound weird, it actually follows a celebrity trend we’ve been seeing some of our favorite rappers indulge in. Collab king Travis Scott teamed up with luxury candle company Byredo to create a candle that supposedly smells like space, while fellow musician Drake dropped a candle that smelled like him (your guess as to what that smells like is as good as mine). Even McDonald’s joined in on the hype, launching multiple candles that smelled like its famous Quarter Pounder. Strange smelling candles seem to be the latest trend, and we’re excited to take a whiff of this latest entry.

Eau de shoe — With notes of warm pebbled leather, hints of glue with EVA foam, and accents of cotton blossom, the candle mimics the scent of a sneaker, not a foot (sorry foot fetishists). eBay has carefully crafted the scent of Authentique to tap into the thrill sneakerheads feel when they get their hands on a new pair of coveted kicks. And while the feeling might not be exactly the same, it’s guaranteed you’ll be able to score this candle, unlike those shoes you’re eyeing on SNKRS.


eBay offers a more accessible marketplace to sneaker shoppers, as well as a promise to authenticity. As of this week, eBay has actually expanded its Authenticity Guarantee feature with an independent team of industry experts on standby. All new Nike and Adidas sneakers $100 and up are fully vetted by this group, who verify the box, sizing labels, soles, stitching, logos, heel tabs, laces, and yes, even the smell, to ensure the authenticity of your kicks.

This is also the same team that verified the authenticity of the million-dollar 1985 Jordan 1s signed by Jordan himself, so you can trust they know their stuff. We only wonder if they gave input on the candle, being experts and all.

Get lit — Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this funky-smelling candle launches February 14 on eBay, where sneakerheads can buy it for $25. After purchasing, you can bask in the scent of brand new kicks to commemorate past cops — or remind yourself of ones you missed out on.

Prep for the drop with this sultry promo clip. eBay