eBay will authenticate your collectibles at pop-up events across the U.S.

And give you a look at athletes and celebrities’ most prized possessions.

With sneaker demand so high, it can be hard to cop a pair straight from the source — and coveted silhouettes promising a decent price online are almost always fake designs. To address this enormous surge in demand, including the rise in replicas, eBay has announced it’ll host nationwide events not just to authenticate sneakers, but also give consumers a look into the unique collections of athletes and celebrities.

The on-site authentication events mirror eBay’s online Authentication Guarantee services, which just expanded this past February. Rivaling other reselling sites like StockX and GOAT — both of which entered the sneaker market much later than eBay — the online marketplace keeps an independent team of industry experts on standby to verify the legitimacy of its sneakers for sale. If you want to double-check the credibility of your collectibles, or simply want to ogle others’, eBay has you covered.

Verify your value — Although reselling has picked up during the pandemic, many have monetized their sneaker collections even before quarantine. eBay has taken note, and wants to assist sneakerheads as much as possible. "Younger generations have upended the idea of a traditional portfolio by marrying their passions with financial opportunity," said Jordan Sweetnam, Senior Vice President, eBay North America in a statement. "We've transformed the eBay experience to reflect that change in behavior, ensuring the authenticity of the most covetable, collectible and investment-worthy items in our marketplace."

Now, the online marketplace is hauling its legitimate talents to you. At each eBay collector event, enthusiasts can bring their own items — including sneakers, watches, and trading cards — for authentication and appraisal. Through a COVID-safe drive-in, visitors can watch while third-party authenticators evaluate their items. They’ll leave with an estimation of the item's worth and the options to list their items on eBay, or relish the confirmed value of their items. It’s an authentication vacation.

Basketball star Trae Young’s wristwatch collection. eBay

Celeb collectibles for your consideration — If you haven’t got goods to authenticate, though, you can still join in the fun. Each city hosting an eBay event also touts collections of celebrities and athletes, which guests can check out in detail. With eBay’s first stop happening in Atlanta, local enthusiasts can view Trae Young’s collection of new and vintage wristwatches. The basketball star will also be at the event to share with guests what he considers before investing in a watch, and what he plans to purchase in the future.

eBay’s Atlanta event will take place on April 9 and 10. After that, the marketplace will travel to Nashville, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Austin to showcase its top collections and authenticate guests’ collectibles. Admission is free and doesn’t require an appointment, but you can check out more about the events on eBay’s website.

Trae with one of his many wristwatches.eBay