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Dyson's rarely discounted SuperSonic hair dryer is $120 off right now

Dry your long, unruly pandemic hair in record time and feel good saving a ton of money on a luxury product. Who doesn't love saving money?

Our reviews editor Raymond Wong gets asked the secret to his hair all the time. Where does he get it cut? What kind of hair product do he style it with? How does his hair have so much volume?

His secret is actually not one because he shared it on this wonderful website back in March: Dyson’s SuperSonic hair dryer. Most people will thumb their nose at anything Dyson makes for being “over-engineered” and “over-priced. That’s fair, but that’s also why you should never pay full retail price. Ray didn’t when he bought the SuperSonic last year and he never shuts up about it.

Normally, the SuperSonic costs $400, but maybe because the moon is full today (it is the Mid-Autumn Festival, after all), the official Dyson eBay store has it knocked down to $279.99.

If nothing else, the Dyson eBay store is one of the best-kept secrets on the internet. The online storefront basically sells refurbished products at heavily discounted prices. Refurbished products usually get a bad rap because you don’t know what condition they’re gonna be in. But similar to Apple’s refurbished products, all of Dyson’s are “like-new.” They’ve been examined, cleaned, and certified to be working as good as new products. The box might be a brown one or a little dinged, but who cares? You’re gonna throw that out anyway. Be green and helpt the planet.

Back to the SuperSonic. It looks futuristic. It dries your hair really fast with jets of air. Did we already say it looks damn cool? Do we really need to say more than what Ray wrote in his 750-word love letter to it back in March? Let us recap if you’re too lazy to read:

You don’t realize how important owning a good, fast-drying hair dryer is until you've used enough shitty ones in hotels. They’re always crappy and really weak.
It’s not even just hair that I use the SuperSonic for. The hair dryer’s fast and powerful drying has come in handy several times for drying off my wet clothes. Whether it’s clothing that I needed to wash up in my hotel sink or pants that got soaked in the rain or at the beach, the SuperSonic has saved my ass over and over. Instead of waiting forever for a low-powered hair dryer to dry wet pants, I’ve used the SuperSonic to literally blast the wet spot right off super fast.

You can dry your damn clothes with it too. And it comes with a bunch of magnetic attachments for different hair.

We stand by Ray's worship of the SuperSonic. Join him and together your hair can rule the galaxy together!

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