Drake’s upcoming NOCTA drop is basic, and not in a good way

Where’s the flavor?

As one of Nike’s biggest fans, Drake is obviously hype about his new NOCTA sub-label with the brand. So much so that only a few days after debuting the first capsule from NOCTA, the rapper has begun teasing his next drop. Adding more caps and T-shirts to the lineup, the collection is set to drop in 2021.

For anyone not caught up to speed, NOCTA is Drake's new sub-label with Nike, inspired by individuals on the go and focusing on functionality. Its first capsule included yellow and black puffers and loungewear, which quickly sold out when it was released on December 18. Since Drake is giving fans an early preview to the next drop, you’ll have no excuse for not copping. That is, if you like what you see.

Back in black — Unlike the previous collection, NOCTA’s newest apparel keeps it pretty basic. There’s no color, nor are there any crazy silhouettes. Made up of five pieces total, the capsule boasts all-black pieces with the exception of one white T-shirt. According to Drake, black is the new black.

Expanding on the sports-focused aesthetic of the label’s first offerings, NOCTA will introduce Swoosh-branded T-shirts and adjustable caps (black, of course). A lightweight shell jacket, constructed with multiple pockets at the chest and waist, also features a hidden center-front zipper and a hood. Does functionality have to mean boring here?


The only piece worthwhile may be a black utility vest, guaranteed to sell out immediately. Tonal NOCTA and Nike branding decorate the front of the vest alongside six zippered pockets, as well as two smaller Velcro ones. You can disperse the chump change you have leftover from buying the outerwear into its many pockets, or align with NOCTA’s “on-the-go” marketing and fill the pockets with snacks.

After an underwhelming preview, we’re still left confused over the sub-label’s advertising. On NOCTA’s website, the new all-black collection is barely visible on the site’s black background, even with a device’s brightness at the highest setting. While blending in nicely with the aesthetic, the all-black mode seems to defeat NOCTA’s message of practicality.


Cop or drop? — We’re hoping these basics are part of a larger collection that hasn’t fully been revealed yet. An electric blue puffer made by the label was seen on Champagne Papi’s IG as well as Tristan Thompson’s Instagram story, giving us hope that there’s more to this capsule than what meets the eye. As of now, these five pieces are set to drop February 23, 2021, on both the Nike and NOCTA websites. Figure out your vest-buying strategy now.