Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' Nike merch includes a lipstick-stained hat

Drake gonna Drake.

Drake's Nike ad / "Laugh Now Cry Later" music video teased a new run of Swoosh-branded merch to coincide with his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy. Now, thanks to some celebrity seeding, we've got a more in-depth look at the pending release.

While it's unlikely to become the most sought-after item, what sticks out most amongst the assortment is a white Nike hat with a faux lipstick kiss on the brim. Drake is clearly leaning into a Lothario persona with the CLB album title, and the cheesy hat decoration only cements it. Seeing it on Drake would be enough to roll your eyes at, but wait until you see some kid who's never had a girl take off his Supreme boxers wearing the hat with a manufactured kiss.

There's more! — As first seen in the music video, the CLB hoodie features an embroidered rose that's worth geeking out over upon further inspection. A black version of the bomber jacket Drake wore in the video, complete with heart-shaped stitching, has also been spotted.

On the new front, a T-shirt with Cupid wearing a ski mask shows Drake isn't fully ready to give up the posturing as a tough guy. Other tees feature various CLB branding, as well as a photograph of two women embracing each other with a rose.

The best piece of all may be the smallest — Nike's never-fail crew socks have been given a heart around the Swoosh, with "Air" branding added underneath. Perhaps it's because they scream "Drake" less than anything, but I'd be more than satisfied coming out of this drop with the socks and socks alone. For as much hoarding as this silly little world of ours encourages, you can never have too many good socks.

When's it coming? — That would seemingly depend on the album. Drake hasn't indicated when he plans on releasing Certified Lover Boy, but the rollout of the music video, album announcement, and now merch for his friends would suggest it's coming sooner than later. In April, he said his sixth album would release by the end of the summer, which gives him 20 days to stay true to his word.