Forget your Peloton runs, Dior’s fashionable treadmill is all you need

The French luxury house collaborated with Technogym on a small set of workout equipment.

Wearing luxury gear during your workout is no longer the height of opulent exercise. Thanks to Dior, the very equipment you use to get yoked, shredded, or lean is yet another avenue to display your wealth in the most ostentatious of manners.

The French luxury house has partnered with Technogym to release a small series of Christian Dior-branded workout equipment. A treadmill, workout bench with dumbbells included, and exercise ball all come adorned by Christian Dior ribboning in the brand’s signature combination of white and blue.

You may find yourself asking, What does luxury workout equipment do that less exalted equipment cannot? The answer is nothing — besides, of course, remind others that the frivolousness of your spending knows no constraints.

So you really want to know what it does? — TechnoGym’s MyRun treadmill connects with a tablet, through which you can use the company’s dedicated app to personalize your workout. At its base, non-luxury level the treadmill sells for $2,980 including delivery and installation — but you better believe an upcharge is in-store with Dior’s name now added.

The Technogym bench, meanwhile, provides a platform for your workout while also storing dumbbells, elastics, and knuckles that come included. Through the Technogym app, the set can be used for more than 200 exercises, which is indeed an impressive feat of versatility for this one-stop bench. And rounding out the goods is a wellness ball good for workouts and to use as a seat, provided you’ve ever wanted to be that guy in the office.

All of the equipment will become available exclusively through Dior boutiques beginning in January 2022, with pricing yet to be announced. The wait should allow plenty of timing for you to figure out just how you’ll drop the fact that you own Dior workout equipment into casual conversation — or better yet, to plan out your multi-pronged flex on Instagram.