Dior, Fendi, and Ralph Lauren will let you ‘try on’ clothes in Snapchat

High fashion meets augmented reality, wherever you may be.

Snapchat Augmented Reality Try-Ons

Four new brands are headed to Snapchat to take advantage of the social media platform’s augmented reality capabilities.

Items from Dior, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs are now available to try on virtually through Snapchat lenses — joining a roster that already includes Prada and Gucci as well as Farfetch and Champs Sports. While the items available to try on through AR are limited to accessories, the feature will allow allow you to see how they fit in comparison to your body — saving you a trip to the store to be certain if you’d like to purchase.

Marc Jacobs’ handbags can also be purchased directly through the Snapchat app, with capabilities for the rest of the brand’s limited to try-ons only. Fendi is allowing users to try on its assortment of eyewear through for the FW21 season, while Dior is focusing on its Silk Cruise collection and Ralph Lauren on bags from its Wellington line.


More than a gimmick — While trying on accessories form Dior and Fendi may amount to little more than fulfilling a fantasy for some users, the ability to try on items prior to purchasing online may indeed sway customers.

According to a study commissioned by Snapchat, four out of ten consumers in the U.S. said they declined to make a purchase because they weren’t able to see or try on the item. The social media network also predicts a 37 percent increase of users utilizing augmented reality to try on a product by 2024, and 200 million users already use Snapchat’s AR capabilities on a daily basis.

Away from Snapchat, brand’s are also taking advantage of the technology within their own apps. Gucci and the resale platform GOAT have both made sneakers available to try on virtually — including ones that don’t actually exist in real-life from the Italian luxury house. And with the rise of brand’s seeking to capitalize on the metaverse, we could see plenty of other digital-exclusives going forward as well.