This might be the most comfortable slipper you can buy right now

For being so high tech, the Deckers x Lab mules are priced just right.

Decker x Lab K-OZ Mule

We're nearly a year into the pandemic rendering house shoes the best footwear investment you can make, and a new mule has come along with the potential to be legendary.

Deckers x Lab has introduced the "KO-Z Mule," which combines premium materials with a five-layer foam midsole to tout itself as "the most comfortable and technologically advanced slipper out there." It's a bold claim, but just looking at the photos and specs is enough for us to believe it — and the $130 price tag is low enough for us to consider undertaking our own research.

The most crucial material to nail is on the footbed, where Deckers x Lab has gone with a cozy looped wool. Underneath it is five layers of memory foam, with the softest of all reserved for the layer closest to your foot. The idea is to contort to your foot while providing stability, and a rocker at midfoot and extended squaretail heel help keep the mule stable with each step.

Decker x Lab

Your feet should thank you — Deckers x Lab was created by Jean-Luc Diard, former CEO of Solomon and co-founder of Hoka One One. That track record is a major factor in the KO-Z Mule's intrigue, as the latter brand's massive-soled sneakers are beloved by runners and super comfortable just for walking around in.

The KO-Z Mule's twin-facing upper is made out of sheepskin and suede leather panels, with just a little bit of stretch at the opening so you can squeeze right in. Securing it is a foothold with wooden toggles, a detail that won't affect how it feels but should be appreciated nonetheless.

Rounding out the mule is an "ultralight" sponge rubber outsole that's still durable and grippy enough for outdoor wear. But remember the cardinal rule of house shoes: once you've worn it outside, it's no longer fit for the crib. The worlds must be separated to maintain the (relative) cleanliness of your interior floors.

Deckers x Lab

Go get you a pair — Deckers x Lab is already selling all-black versions of its advanced mule for men and women, and more color schemes should be on the way soon. It's worth emphasizing again that the KO-Z Mule is just $130, significantly cheaper than Suicoke's cult range of sandals and slippers that can reach nearly $300

Now's the chance to be an early adopter as prime house shoe season continues for the foreseeable future.