Crocs turn into dressing with tasty Hidden Valley Ranch collaboration

This may be the brand’s most polarizing shoe yet.

Crocs secured their place as the official shoe of quarantine, but now it seems the brand’s reign will continue long after the pandemic as people seek out fun and comfortable footwear. Through collaborations, new designs, and celebrity hype, Crocs has kept consumers eating up its classic silhouette — something the brand has taken more literally via a new collaboration with Hidden Valley Ranch.

While the partnership is surprising, it also seems very fitting. Crocs have long been deemed the “ugly slipper” — Victoria Beckham even said she would “rather die” than wear a pair of the rubber clogs — and people’s love, or obsession, with ranch is often polarizing. The two brands could have plenty of overlapping fans.

Crocs takes dressing literally — Crocs first revealed its mouth-watering collaboration on May 19 during an aptly titled “Ranch With What?” segment of the “Family Style To Go” two-day virtual festival on the NTWRK app. The remote festivities supported local restaurants and were launched in partnership with streetwear brand The Hundreds. During the segment, a dedicated yet limited number of fans had the opportunity to pre-order the Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs.


As for what the ranch-inspired clog looks like, Crocs has dressed its classic silhouette in an off-white color and splattered it with green speckles, giving it the appearance of being dunked in ranch. Devoted fans can commit to the theme even further with Jibbitz charms in the form of french fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, and vegetables. One charm even reads “HVR!” in a green font as a shoutout to Hidden Valley Ranch, while the ranch company’s logo also appears on the shoe strap.

“Just like Hidden Valley Ranch, these clogs can go with everything if you love them enough,” Crocs said in a statement. And with many adopting the brand’s rubber clogs into their WFH uniform — or adding them to their streetwear collection — these limited edition Crocs are sure to sell fast once they drop later this year on the Crocs website.


Charitable Crocs — To continue the themes of food and comfort, Crocs, in partnership with The Hundreds and Family Style Food Fest, will provide a monetary donation to the Independent Hospitality Coalition — a platform that advocates for restaurants and small businesses. The clog brand also plans to donate 10,000 pairs of Crocs At Work shoes to support restaurants and restaurant industry workers that have been some of the most impacted by COVID-19. Hopefully they receive some more tasteful pairs.