Crocs has turned its Classic Clogs into exclusive, collectible figurines

The super limited collectibles are only available on Croc Day, October 23, via a draw.

Crocs Collectable Bundle figurines

Move over Yeezy, Crocs are the world’s hottest slippers. An ongoing collaboration with Balenciaga and multiple celebrity partnerships prove the rubber clogs have infiltrated every corner of the fashion industry — even Kanye has switched out his Foam Runners for a pair of platform Crocs.

Already, Crocs has reported its most successful quarter yet, boasting revenue of $641 million. Exclusive collaborations have bolstered the slipper’s hype and accompanying demand has fueled copycat Crocs designs. The rubber clog brand has finally hit its peak, just in time for Croctober; a very real celebration of Crocs slippers which only reinforces their massive popularity.

Celebrating the clog that started it all — This month, the shoe brand is commemorating its fame, its Classics Collection, and the fans that helped skyrocket Crocs to said fame (as well as those that have been there since day one). The Croctober festivities invite people to celebrate the comfort and self-expression that Crocs embody, while also promising limited-edition products and digital activations.

Crocs x Bitmoji

Earlier in the month, Crocs launched its first-ever global partnership with Bitmoji, allowing fans to dress their digital avatars in a collection of Crocs shoes, complete with Jibbitz charms. The brand has also encouraged its fans — otherwise known as “Croc Nation” — to share pictures of their Crocs on social media, with the chance of receiving giveaway prizes or a feature on Crocs’ social media pages.

Crocs is cashing in on its hype — All of the festivities have led to Croc Day, a fan-created holiday recognized annually on October 23. Made to celebrate the passion and authenticity of Crocs fans worldwide, the day marks the peak of Croctober — accordingly, Crocs is honoring the Croc Nation with the release of a first-ever Collectable Bundle, available only on Croc Day.

Ok but why are they also wearing Crocs?Crocs

Following Gen Z’s obsession with collectibles like Mini Brands and Squishmallows, Crocs is launching its own Lil Classic Collectable Bundle: A limited-edition bundle featuring a Lil Classic figurine, which personifies the brand’s Classic Clog into a miniature 10-inch figurine. Now that Crocs have taken over your footwear, they’re coming for your homeware too.

The figurines, once exclusively a part of Crocs in-store and digital marketing, will be up for grabs alongside an assortment of specialty Jibbitz charms and matching socks, to encourage self-expression in true Crocs fashion. But the collectibles won’t be around for long — fans have from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m ET on Saturday, October 23 to enter a drawing system on Crocs’ website for the chance to purchase a Lil Classic Collectable Bundle.

Each bundle retails for $59.99, but resale value for the figurines may skyrocket as Crocs works its way into the exclusive world of hype. “Crocs are no longer just for your feet,” a press release proudly states, seemingly with threatening undertones. The brand’s collectible clog figurines can now cover your entire home — but at what cost?