Converse’s Weapon CX, an awesome chunky basketball sneaker, drops soon

The basketball-turned-lifestyle shoe promises a fashionable yet functional fit.

Converse Weapon CX sneaker

Converse’s expansion of its comfort-driven CX line has re-introduced the Weapon, an iconic ‘80s basketball shoe. Paying homage to the past with modern design cues, the sneaker has been reimagined with a new midsole and outsole, offering more cushioning and grip while maintaining its retro look.

Signature details, like the Y-Bar and Star Chevron branding, remind us of the Weapon’s legacy. Although the sneaker isn’t as famous as other basketball kicks — like Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1 — it’s been worn on court by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, making the Weapon just as historic. And as Input’s review of the Weapon claims, the retro sneaker may be more comfortable than its popular counterparts, especially with the addition of new padding.

Fashion made functional — More of a revamp than a reissue, the return of the Weapon sees a thick midsole added to the sneaker. Made up of Converse’s CX foam, the platform provides functional support and comfort while fitting into present trends. Like many Converse models, a rubber outsole caps off the shoe.


As the brand’s CX line focuses more on lifestyle than performance, the basketball sneaker flaunts a modified upper, too. Atop the hefty sole unit, black and white shades are sectioned by puffy black and white leather panels, making room for Converse’s vintage Star Chevron branding. Additional padding inside the upper allows the high-top to feel less constricted and more cozy — like being “big-spooned by Hayao Miyazaki’s Totoro,” our review found.

Up and coming — While the Weapon may not be basketball’s biggest shoe, Converse has big plans for its CX remodel. Already, designer Rick Owens has included the sneaker in his Converse collaboration, turning the pillowy shoe into an all-black model more aligned with its Weapon namesake. The comfort, and trending retro details of the shoe, hint at more revamps to come — especially as cold weather calls for plush, elevated footwear.


Converse’s Weapon CX sneaker debuts September 2 on the brand’s website and select global retailers. Don’t sleep on the chunky shoe: While it may be attainable now, Converse’s anticipated campaign of the Weapon CX will likely make it a hit within the fashion world. Better secure the sneaker while you can.