Comme des Garçons won't let the neo-Nazi Proud Boys ruin Fred Perry polos

The streetwear brand is sprucing up the iconic garment with sleek color-blocking.

Nazis be damned, the Fred Perry polo is still a staple. Just when it could use a breath of fresh air, Comme des Garçons Homme Deux has reworked the shirt with bold color-blocked paneling and a doubling of the laurel wreath logo.

CdG's subline Homme Deux likes to take business attire and give an offbeat twist. The polo, however, is just as suited for off-hours and has been further emboldened by wide panels that call back to the '60s. For their collaboration, Fred Perry and CdG are releasing their polo in four colors: two vivid and two in the greyscale that's signature to the Japanese label. Also brought over from Japan is Comme's pricing, which brings Fred Perry's polo up to a whopping $310.

Fred Perry

Choose your hue — The more colorful affairs mix mahogany and blue as well as mustard and what looks like black but is apparently blue. Both feature mismatched double laurel wreath embroidery that reinforces the color blocking and should probably be worn while drinking a brown liquor on the rocks.

For those looking to match their attire with the dreariness within, the two monochrome polos trade black and grey to match much of Homme Deux's other attire. There's probably something to say there about how work takes the humanity out of us, but I'm too tired to pursue that thought any further.

Fred Perry

What did the Nazis do? — Fred Perry has previously been in the news after having to come out and condemn the Proud Boys. The alt-right group has taken to the black and gold Fred Perry polo as something of a uniform and, as a result, the brand stopped selling that color scheme in the United States. It's a bizarre state of affairs when a British clothier has to come out and say, "Hey, we're not like those fascists." But welcome to brand management in 2020, I guess.

Just don't let the Proud Boys soil a perfectly good source for smart attire, made even better by the CdG touch. You can get the collaborative polos on Fred Perry's site right now.