Chanel designed a $2,700 AirPods case that’s also a... pearl necklace

Few may realize what's inside.

The luxury market has no shortage of high-end AirPod cases, but Chanel has just told everyone else to hold its champagne.

A pearl necklace can be the new home for your AirPods, and few will realize what’s inside the glossy black, beveled case. Lambskin leather and metal links are added to the extra long chain for comfort around your neck, while the case is encrusted with rhinestones for its double “C” logo.

Now for the sticker shock — Chanel’s opulent AirPod case has a $2,675 price tag, made even more surprising by the fact that the pearls aren’t real. What you’re paying for are those two Cs, and if you’re looking for justification beyond that you’re not going to find it inside the case for your earbuds. It’s a full-send purchase, treating $130 earbuds to security worth more than 20 times more.


Regular or Pro? — A wider cream colored case with the same faux-pearl necklace for the AirPods Pro is also available for the same price, which means you’re squeezing out a little more real estate for your buck. And if you’re looking for something marginally more affordable, Chanel does have other AirPod options.

Quilted calfskin leather in the style of Chanel’s iconic bags can house your AirPods for $825, while several embroidered cases with metal and leather necklaces similar to their handbag straps fetch $1,350 a pop. There’s even combo iPhone and AirPod case linked together by the same chain, a two-fer that goes for a totally economical $2,600.

Elsewhere, Louis Vuitton ($565), Burberry ($230), Balenciaga ($250), and the ilk all have their own versions of the accessory — providing multiple channels for rich people to frivolously part with their money. The greatest flex of all, though, is Louis Vuitton’s own headphones with Master & Dynamic tech and case included.