Stop spreading your germs (and look cool) with this Champion tie-dye mask

Not bad for only $12.

In case you need a reminder of where the United States is at with the coronavirus, Los Angeles has been ordered to shut its bars back down and Florida alone reported a state-record 9,500 new cases on Saturday. Despite premature reopening across the country, and in fact because of them, we are still very much in the throes of the pandemic. Which makes this a good time to remind you to wear a fucking mask.

New in this flourishing market of magical accessories that may reduce your chance of infection to just 3.1 percent is a range of moisture-wicking masks from Champion. The polyester and spandex construction will help keep you cool as you do your civic duty and help reduce the spread. And as a happy bonus, the mask looks damn good in a blue tie-dye.


Champion has the best materials for your dollar — Real ones know that Champion's reverse weave hoodie is the best bang for your buck, rendering Kanye West's quest for the "perfect hoodie" redundant. That's why it should come as no surprise that the sportswear manufacturer has come out with an ideal face mask for just $12.

In addition to wicking away moisture, Champion's masks are breathable and washable for reuse. They also come in three striking patterns: camouflage, repeat script, and the front-running "cloud dye." One size fits most, and that bangin' tie-dye version should also work with most of your outfits.

If the Karens of the world can be easily identified by their Bebe, establish yourself as the stylish anti-Karen with this offering from Champion. Not being a menace to society looks great on anyone.