How to get New Balance's twisted and elegant Casablanca 237 and 327 sneakers

Multiple release dates will give you a few chances at buying.

Casablanca New Balance 327 2021

Casablanca has traded the orange and green color scheme that's defined its New Balance collaborations so far for an opulent Moroccan tile print coming in pink and green. The decadent pattern will appear on not one but two sneakers, New Balance's 237 and 327.

The 327 is the same '70s-inspired sneaker debuted with a Casablanca collaboration next year, while the 237 is a more pared-down silhouette inspired by the same era of running shoes. Both see Casablanca playing with more premium materials, including suede and perforated leather. And either would be a worthy addition to your rotation, especially if you have yet to embrace New Balance's resurgence, with the exact pair depending on your preference for adventurousness (or perhaps just luck).


The number game — It's easy to mix up the numbers of the two shoes — lord knows I've made that copy mistake — but the appearance of the sneakers themselves does enough to ensure they stand out from each other. The 327, which New Balance's head of collaboration Joe Grondin described to Input as having a "twisted '70s look," features an aggressively treaded outsole that extends up the heel and toe. These superfluous lugs end up looking like octopus suction cups, a description that may have better optics than it sounds.

The 237, meanwhile, essentially puts the same upper on top of a more muted midsole and outsole. And that's hard to consider a downgrade when you see how lush that upper is. The tile makes up the toe cap, mustache, and heel counter — and the absolutely massive "N" logo comes in cream suede over a pink outline. Another leafy print runs down a ribbon on the tongue, and gold lace tips cap off the luxurious sensibilities.


One is exclusive to Casablanca — Casablanca will release its New Balance 237 and 327 through its website this Friday, February 27, with the latter being an exclusive. However, if you miss out on the 237's initial run, you'll have another chance at select retailers including End. Clothing a week later on March 5.

The last thing that separates the two sneakers is the price. The 237 will cost just $150, while the 327 jumps up to $190. Unless you're really in love with the 327's octopus outsole, the difference in price and availability should make the 237 your prime target. Either way, this New Balance release may just be Casablanca's best yet.