These classic Japanese thong sandals use memory foam to be ultra cozy

They don't come cheap, though.

CamperLab Hastalavista Sandal

Geta are a type of traditional Japanese thong sandals, recognizable for their wooden base with elevated prongs. They're meant for casual wear, around the house or even around town. But while I'm sure they could be comfortable after a long period of getting used to, wearing them as a neophyte is quite the task. I did so once at the urge of my hosts in Tendo, Japan, where I wore geta from bar to bar and paid the price with my poor Western feet.

That's why I'm glad to see these CamperLab thongs that take inspiration from geta and zōri, another Japanese sandal that's more formal. Dubbed the Hastalavista, the sandals eschew the wooden base and elevated prongs for a memory foam footbed that's sure to be quite comfortable. Sheepskin leather covers the thick thongs to make them even more luxe — and they even come with a pair of tabi socks to be worn with 'em.


You're not going anywhere, so get a nice pair of sandals — Here's the part where we tell you the CamperLab Hastalavistas are $280, a splurge for any type of footwear let alone sandals. But in this COVID-19 era of style, comfort reigns supreme. With few opportunities to dress up and the impending winter likely to keep you at home even more than you already are, you may as well invest in some quality pieces to hold you down in your domicile.

House shoes are one of the first things to come to mind for shut-in attire, and really, you should always have a pair. Wearing outdoor shoes inside is a big no-no, and kicking the habit should be easy with a plush pair of sandals like these. They also look a bit like the Floatie Sugar Shoes that I've been informed were popular in the '90s — but I'm not that old to provide personal confirmation.


Pick your color — The Hastalavista sandal is available now at the Camper webstore and comes in three colors: bright blue and yellow, as well as a more muted military green. Each pair comes with a tabi sock in the same color, which will have you well on your way to a killer monochrome look.