Do jiu-jitsu and care for your plants in this ultra-cozy gardening gi

Cactus Store is the brand behind a viral Bernie Sanders T-shirt.

Cactus Store isn't some cutesy name for a brand to adopt plant culture. It's billed exactly as advertised, hawking rare and extraordinary cacti from outposts in Los Angeles and New York City. The store just so happens to make bangin' merch as well and first caught our eye with a bootleg Bernie Sanders tee that went semi-viral earlier this year.

Today, Cactus Store is venturing outside of its typical range of earthy T-shirts to release a full gi intended for gardening. For those not hip, a gi the suit jiu-jitsu practitioners wear — but it's also an ideal fit for all your cozy pursuits. To make theirs, Cactus Store has partnered with Shoyoroll, a purveyor of high-quality gi made for their original purpose.

It really is for gardening — This versatile kimono and pant combo isn't mere novelty; it's equipped with pockets to hold all the tools you may need for plant maintenance. The all-white version, which will carry a certain charm when inevitably covered in dirt, is actually Cactus Store's second gi release. The brand first collaborated with Shoyoroll in April for its first gardening uniform, coming in a rich indigo.

As Cactus Store said in spring, its gi is "a new uniform for gardening, painting, plumbing, reading, camping, metal detecting, and long voyages in hot air balloons." If that doesn't sound like something you could use in your life, well, I'd reconsider all the choices you've made up until this very moment.

Gardening gear is currently trending, which might be a weird development were it not for the fact that home has become an even more familiar place during the pandemic. Even without COVID-19, you can't blame people for trying to become more grounded as technology tends to drain us — or at the very least, trying to look more earthy.

A good gi is pricey — Cactus Store and Shoyoroll's first gi release was priced at $330, a steep price for what you'd likely consider as leisurewear. It's well worth it, however, cut from a thick 450g pearl weave for the jacket and 10oz cotton twill for the pants. Both the knees and ass — their words, not mine — are reinforced, and the suit is absolutely loaded with pockets. Eight large pockets, 14 sub pockets, and two more on the thighs should hold an abundance of tools or whatever the hell else you want to carry through what will be the coziest of days.

Once you add a gi into your life, you'll be too comfortable to ever look back. Start this joyous process today when Cactus Store releases its gi online at 1 p.m. EST.