Burberry is throwing its money behind women in gaming

The label is launching four-episode series and a scholarship to empower women in the field.

Burberry and Gen.G Foundation “NetWORK: Inspire” program

Burberry is supporting the gamer girls. The luxury label is teaming up with global e-sports organization Gen.G to launch a four-part content series and scholarship opportunity that will help educate and empower the next generation of women in gaming. The project will be an extension of Gen.G’s “NetWORK: Inspire” program with the scholarship being awarded to someone who is committed to changing the exclusive narrative of gaming on- and offline.

Burberry has previous dabbled in gaming with Roblox purses and playable NFT characters. The series will consist of four episodes highlighting gaming content creators and influencers. Emily Ghoul, an entrepreneur and content creator herself, will host each event and lead an open discussion about the challenges women face in the industry, including (but not limited to) toxic online environments, stereotyping, lack of executive positions, and underrepresentation.

The luxury label will also be making a monetary donation to the Gen.G Foundation, an organization that helps develop the talent of young gamers by nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment. The foundation awards scholarships to university students, and Burberry will choose a recipient winner before the Fall 2022 semester. To be considered, the recipient must exhibit the values of the Gen.G Foundation and use their personal platform to uplift underrepresented communities.

Burberry/Gen.G Foundation

Tune in — The first episode explores how women can use their platform to incite change. It will call upon the sight of Krysta “Krystalogy” Eason, Eunice Chen, and Melissa Roth Mendez. Episode two will feature Jessica Kim, Stephanie Poetri, and Lucy Goodyear who will speak on feminine creativity and how it can encourage other women to self-express.

Jackie Jing, Evan “Raynday” Raynr, and Shannon Williams will appear in the third episode to discuss how women and men can work together to become advocates in the space. The series will wrap with an episode on self care, mental health, and burnout prevention, led by Gloria “Ploo” Shin, Cristina Amaya, and Geoffrey Williams.

Burberry/Gen.G Foundation

While it’s unclear whether Burberry and Gen.G’s partnership will continue past the four-episode series, the two are hoping to make a lasting impact on viewers and striving professional gamers. “We envision a community of creatives that is inclusive and diverse,” Gina Chung Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at Gen.G said. “We hope this content series inspires fans in gaming, fashion, and music alike.”

The first episode from the series will launch on July 28 with the next three releasing every two weeks. You can tune in on Burberry’s website, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch.