The North Face and Brain Dead just made the best climbing gear of 2020

Vest and fleeces for you to obsess over.

It's never too early to set your eyes on your next fleece, and Brain Dead and The North Face are doing their best to entice you before the summer ends.

The two brands have unveiled their latest collaboration, which takes on a heavy climbing bent while putting two drool-worthy fleeces in front of us. There's something to appease both half- and full-zip adherents, with the latter fleece featuring an allover print of Brain Dead and TNF's logos on white shag. The former, meanwhile, keeps things cleaner with a Brain Dead patch on the sleeve and "Stamp Out Reality" stitched onto the rear.

That message is part of the collection's wider urging to stamp out reality through exploration — which has its appeal when our current reality is the end of a summer that never really began.

Brain Dead

All the climbing goodies — Rock climbing gear is hot this year, and this collaboration takes on the trend with climbing shorts adorned with the same allover and a chalk bag that would look just as good for daily use. Coming in from a broader range of outdoor gear are a parka, windbreaker, and padded vest — as well as a zip-up shirt that may be the best case for continuing to dress like you're going on a hike.

The collection also takes on women's silhouettes with a long skirt made of the same nylon featured throughout the other pieces. It's technically unisex, and the steezy guy in the lookbook shows why dudes should seriously consider rocking a skirt. External mesh pockets even solve the issue of women getting shorted on the storage front.

Rounding out the goods is a range of bags and bucket hat. Because what good is an outdoor capsule without a solid bucket?

Brain Dead

Brain Dead loves climbing — To coincide with the collection, Brain Dead live-streamed TNF's Global Climbing Day event through its homepage. The Los Angeles-based streetwear brand has also been calling for increased diversity in outdoor sports and used its first climbing shoe to support organizations working to do just that.

Brain Dead and TNF's collection is set to release this Friday, August 28, through their respective web stores. For those who miss out when the gear inevitably sells out, Brain Dead also has a sharp scuba neck fleece that's still available on its website.

Brain Dead