Beyoncé and Adidas get the hive buzzing with 'Black Pack' Ivy Park apparel

She changed the game with that digital drop.

Ready your bank accounts because we’re all about to have a Tiffany Pollard moment. Beyoncé has revealed yet another drop for her Ivy Park x Adidas collection, this time keeping it neutral with a muted brown and black palette. Named accordingly, Ivy Park calls it “The Black Pack,” inspired by the inner beauty, strength, resilience, and energy of artists.

The dark-toned capsule adds on to Adidas and Ivy Park’s collaboration that launched in January 2020. Since then, the brands have kept the Beyhive buzzing with plenty of drops, with the latest being October 30. The previous collection, dubbed "Drip 2," sold out immediately and featured transition shades like greens, yellows, and mints. The designs for Drip 2.2, as Bey is calling it, are actually very similar to the last two drops, including biker shorts, sports bras, a jumpsuit, sweats, and more. As modeled on her Instagram, though, there are select new seasonally-appropriate silhouettes.

Fit for a queen — Even Beyoncé dressed more casually than usual this year due to the pandemic, and lord knows we could use help looking as good as her in sweats. Luckily, the lineup boasts styles that can be easily dressed up or down. Black loose-fitting track pants and blazers form a matching set you can wear anywhere, while you can also pair a cut-out bra top with a cropped jacket of the same design. The consistent black color in this drop makes it easy to mix and match any piece, really, but light brown stripes down the sides of pants and jackets keep it from looking too basic.

A collection of bodysuits, leggings, and biker shorts also sport the light brown stripe design running down their sides. They pair perfectly with the accessories Bey will drop, including a matching tan fanny pack and updated iterations of the Forum, UltraBoost OG, and Supersleek 72 sneakers. A black and light brown face mask is also an essential cop.

After the dope tracksuit, the best piece in the collection might be a long black jacket featuring the brown stripe design. While its similar design aligns it with the collection, the jacket’s stand-out feature — a built-in mask — makes it unlike any other piece. I can only hope I’ll beat the Beyhive to this one.

Bey now — The Ivy Park x Adidas collection ranges in gender-neutral sizes from XXS to 4X, with all items priced under $200. We love an inclusive queen. True fans must prove their stamina to the brand, as the Black Pack is due to debut over three consecutive days — online in the U.S. November 17 and globally November 18, and in stores November 19. Bey’s giving you three chances on Adidas' site, so don’t miss out. Trust, the Hive is already buzzing.