These are the 7 stylish windbreakers you need to stay dry this spring

A versatile choice for any spring day.

Hoka One One Wind-Resistant Jacket
Hoka One One

Wind, rain, mild temperatures, and several combinations of three are set to be the norm that spring has done its springing.

There’s one jacket perfectly suited to handle these conditions, and it’s the ever-versatile windbreaker. What you should be looking for is wind and water-resistance, or full-on proofing if you’re prepared to be outside for more than a quick jaunt. Functionality aside, you also want something with a little pizazz — and the continuation of gorpcore’s reign has brought an abundance statement pieces worth your attention.

We’ve done the digging for you and narrowed down the seven windbreakers you should choose from this spring. Whether you’re looking for something outright technical or making a more overt play at fashion, the ideal jacket for the months ahead is here.

Hoka One One, a brand favored by hardcore runners, went minimalist on weight and maximalist on the print for its very affordable windbreaker. It’s great for running, but fetching enough to make you want to wear it at all times.

Arc’Teryx’s Veilance line keeps a closer eye on style while maintaining its same high quality standards for tackling the elements. Tech lords will veer towards black, but how could you pass up a tropical blue plucked from the most serene of beaches?

Revived tennis stalwart Sergio Tacchini isn’t offering much in the way of tech here, but it is bringing killer lines and colors in collaboration with A$AP Nast. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing Tacchini tracksuits everywhere soon.

Nike ACG has been pulling prints from new locales each season, and this spring it’s looking to Hawaii and its cooling lava “Cinder Cones.” This water-repellant jacket is made from 100 percent recycled nylon in an effort to help protect such beautiful environments around the world.

Goldwin is one of the more underrated Japanese outdoor brands in its low-frills and highly functional approach to gear. Reflective trim will keep you visible during night runs, and you can pack the whole thing into its pocket to forget about until you need it.

District Vision is known best for its dummy light, hypoallergenic athletic sunglasses — but it also makes killer apparel. The jacket here was made in collaboration with cult Japanese brand, And Wander, and is totally sold out in the States. Fortunately, you can enlist a proxy service to get some of the remaining Japanese stock overseas.

Dropping more than three racks on a windbreaker might seem overboard — and even more so when there isn’t even a Prada logo to showoff. Heat-sealed seams all around, including on the zippers, and the ability to convert the jacket into a vest do go a long way though. And as long as you know it’s Prada, does anything else really matter?