These fashionable water bottles will keep you hydrated all summer long

Reusable or no thanks.

We’ve reached the point in summer where if you don’t keep that thang on you, I’m not sure how you’ll stay alive. That thang, of course, is a reusable water — the key to ensuring you stay properly hydrated but also damn cool accessory on its own.

There’s a whole Twitter account dedicated to calling you nasty names in a bid to keep water in your system, but we prefer the honey method to vinegar. Because of our warped consumption brains, what more fun way to motivate proper H2O consumption than a bottle you can proudly show off?

Personally, I’m a hardcore proponent of ice cold water, so you won’t catch me with a receptacle that isn’t insulated. Experts say, however, that the ideal temperature is that of a room — so we’ve also included bottles that are less technical but actually better for your health. However you want to keep your water, there’s an attractive option for you.

Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance Nalgene Bottle ($35)

Aimé Leon Dore

ALD and NB have become one of our favorite pair of collaborators, not only for their sneakers but also their tasteful accessories. The Nalgene bottle, meanwhile, is essentially the Air Force 1 of water bottles — and we love the various ways it’s been adopted by countless brands.

Noah Gradient Mizu Bottle ($52)


Noah’s new gradient graphic is one of our favorites of the season, and it hasn’t looked better anywhere else other than this insulated Mizu bottle.

Snow Peak Kanpai Bottle ($80)

Snow Peak

$80 is a lot of money for a water bottle, but we just can’t quit our love for Japanese gorp. This sleek insulated bottle from Snow Peak actually comes with three different lids that will keep you equipped for whatever it is you’re drinking that day.

Glossier Nalgene Bottle ($15)


Another one of our favorite Nalgene’s is this shockingly cheap one from Glossier, which may as well be the Supreme of skincare.

Collina Strada Rhinestone Bottle ($100)


Why not keep your 24 ounces of H20 stored inside thousands of rhinestones?

Alex Olson x Space Available Recycled Water Bottle Holder Set ($166)

Union LA

Get your water bottle and an upcycled carrying solution in one set made in a bid to rescue orangutans and replant trees in Indonesia.

Dries Van Noten Steel Water Bottle ($35)


You’re really just paying for a name here, but it’s hard to be mad at Dries Van Noten’s costing a mere $35 on sale.

Stüssy Kinto Travel Tumbler ($45)


Juicy Stüssy’s concave tumbler is great for water or your favorite form of caffeinated bean juice.

Museum of Peace & Quiet Nalgene Bottle ($50)


Museum of Peace & Quiet has a penchant for tranquil messaging and uses its serene blue Nalgene to encourage you to “Bless the waters.”

Prada Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($85)

Bergdorf Goodman

Leave it to Prada to make the perfect status symbol water bottle. The luxury house’s array of colors and sizes are just expensive enough to make you second guess, but just cheap enough to convince you you haven’t done something totally stupid by purchasing.