What you should wear for your hot Valentine's Day date

Dressing well can be a gift to you and your partner.

Marni Patchwork Block Sweater

Valentine’s Day is just over a week away, and hopefully you’ve already started planning something to make your partner feel special. Dinner and a gift are the obvious avenues of attack, but don’t overlook what you yourself will be wearing when it’s time to take your significant other out for the biggest date night of the year.

Putting together the right fit will have your valentine even more stoked to stand beside you and shows that you’re taking the occasion seriously. You don’t want to show up for a nice dinner looking like a slouch, but you can also have a bit of fun while also treating yourself to a gift of sorts.

To help get you settled, we’ve put together two different outfit ideas for you to wear on the big night. You can buy the pieces directly as a quick path to success or use it as a moodboard to work with what you’ve already got. Whatever your budget is, we’ll get you wearing your inner heartthrob.

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The turtleneck is my absolute favorite date choice to wear up top. Just about everyone looks great in one, and it sits perfectly at the middle ground of casual and dressed up. This black turtleneck made out of a stretch satin by Dries Van Noten is a steal at its price, but feel free to swap it out with our wider list of options we rounded up here.

Pleats, a mid-rise, and exposed ankles make for a pair of trousers that’ll be the showcase of your fit. While we’re all-in on the big pants movement, these are just roomy enough if you aren’t yet ready for a full-send.

With your ankles exposed by your pants, you’ve gotta pay special attention to your socks. The cheetah print here from Japanese sock expert Anonymous Ism breaks up the solid colors of the rest of your fit and is the perfect spritz of flair.

Pick up a black pair of Oxfords from the Doc and you’ve got yourself one of your most versatile shoe options for date night and beyond.

Marni is responsible for some of the best knitwear around right now, and four patterns converge here for your big V Day statement. If you want to make it look a tad less grunge, toss a white shirt underneath and let the collar pop out.

Now we’re really talking big pants. Black trousers should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, but you’ll have far more fun in Jil Sander’s than anyone else’s.

Boots are things we’ll probably miss most from Daniel Lee’s tenure at Bottega Veneta, and this glossy rubber will be the standout deviation from your footwear rotation.