Need a tote bag? Here are 10 you’ll never want to live without

Whether you want it to be simple or have plenty of storage, these are the ones you absolutely need.

Tone Customs V1-Tote-Mod

A simple tote bag is one of the most useful accessories you can own. Pack your groceries in it, toss in a water bottle and a book, use it for whatever you need and fold it up for easy storage the next time you do need it. When you go on vacation, bring one or two with you and you’ll be equipped when you suddenly have more stuff to bring how than you initially made room for.

With its large canvas face, a tote is also an ideal avenue for expression — like wearing your favorite T-shirt without having to worry about it smelling sweaty. You can rep your favorite magazine, the charity you volunteer with, or whatever it is you want to keep close to heart and under your shoulder.

If you’re toteless at this moment, we want to change that for you with 10 different options you’ll love. You can start with something cheap and simple or full-send with one that’s more durable and equipped with enough pockets for almost any excursion.

MoMA Design Store Artist Quote Tote ($10)


Let’s hear it for yellow, the under-appreciated color championed by French Post-Impressionist Pierre Bonnart.

Only NY Community of NY Tote Bag ($36)

Only NY

At their best, both streetwear and New York City are at their best when they’re centered around community building. Only NY’s tote gives you the chance to celebrate both.

Noah Multi Pocket Tote ($168)


Noah’s Japanese canvas tote bag with leather handles can and should be your replacement for a backpack. The quintessential school bag will never look good with a suit — but that’s not a problem with a high-end tote.

Tone Customs V1-Tote-Mod ($175)

Tone Customs

Tone Customs is really just one dude in his basement showing that any and every strap would look better made out of climbing rope. You can buy his straps piece meal — or just pick up a cord-affixed tote from a range of six colors.

Opening Ceremony Box Logo Shopper Bag ($105)

End. Clothing

Opening Ceremony’s store and the totes that came with every purchase may be gone, but you can still pick up one of the iconic bags in a polyurethane that shows you have nothing to hide.

Museum of Peace and Quiet ‘MoPQ’ Tote ($41)


Museum of Peace and Quiet has earned a cult following for its goods championing self-care and mental health. This tote is an “if you know you know” piece — and, ideally, that means those hip will know better than to bother you.

Snow Peak Pocketable Tote Bag ($70)


Most every tote bag is remarkably easy to store, but they don’t all pack into a pouch that can be clipped onto a carabiner like Snow Peak’s gorped-out cordura nylon joint.

Rowing Blazers Collegiate Tote ($60)

Rowing Blazers

Remember how we said the best totes are like a T-shirt? Rowing Blazers gets the idea, turning the T-shirt that routinely sells out into the perfectly preppy bag to sling over your shoulders.

Bao Bao Issey Miyake White Prism Tote ($399)


Bao Bao Issey Miyake’s signature textile appliqués may have you wonder if this is a tote or a luxury handbag. We say, why not both?

Kapital #4 Canvas Rain Milk Bag ($508)


The grail of tote bags today, courtesy of the same Japanese brand you can apply the label to for denim, socks, and even trucker hats.