An iconic Supreme serape and 9 other stylish blankets you need right now

Home goods are the real grail.

Nothing in my arsenal makes me feel like more of an adult than having multiple throw blankets. I've got one for the park and two situated on the couch, ready for a cozy night in or if a homie needs to crash at my place. Such level of preparation separates my 28-year-old self from the early 20s, spartan living being that had yet to see just how important a good throw is.

Even though jawnz may be my true love (and what we focus on here at Input's style section), home goods are the ultimate grail. Clothes are how we present ourselves to the outside world, but our truest selves are who we are at home. As such, the items we're using or facing in while carrying out our domestic life deserve just as much attention as what we put on — if not more. Sure, you may dress well, but are you really fly if the crib doesn't look just as good as the fits? I say nay.

A throw blanket warrants particular attention because, by it's very nature, you're going to get real close with it. You need something that'll feel soothing when draped over you for hours at a time, and it may as well look as good as it feels. Seeing as we're still living in a COVID-ridden existence that I can't avoid mentioning when talking products for the moment, a purchase to make you feel more content at home is all the more essential. Life has slowed down, and these plodding times call for comfort.

To help guide you to a better winter spent indoors, we've put together some of the best throw blankets currently on the market. You may long for nights out again, but these throws will help make a stronger case for stasis.

Pendelton Los Ojos Quilted Roll-Up ($100)


Surely you know all about Pendleton's venerable wool in a range of native patterns, but the brand's quilts are more affordable and significantly less ubiquitous. They're also better suited for outdoor activities, making them all the more versatile.

Tekla Pure New Wool Blanket ($188)


Tekla is a Scandinavian brand that makes reasonably priced textiles for the home in minimalist designs that have been picked up by numerous luxury retailers. Not only is this wool exquisite, but it's been produced using entirely renewable energy. I'm partial to the blue on blue, but Tekla has a host of other color options.

Bricks & Wood Support Your Homies Woven Throw ($200)

Bricks & Wood

If you want to carry your devotion of streetwear over to your throw, I can't recommend this blanket from Bricks & Wood more. "Support your homies" is a creed to live by, and you can do it while supporting this up-and-coming and Black-owned brand from Los Angeles.

Ralph Lauren Newberry Throw ($100)

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's mascot looks just as good on a blanket as he does on a sweater. If you're about that Lo Life, this is the blanket for you.

Indigofera x Wes Lang IV Nobody Wool Blanket (~$507)

Hep Cat

Wes Lang is the artist behind the immaculate Yeezus merch that now feels wrong to wear. Fortunately, his reaper-haunted blanket hasn't been ruined by flirtation with a fascist administration.

Jil Sander+ Off-White Beach Blanket ($380)


Leave it to Jil Sander to make such a clean branded throw. This woven cotton blanket is made for the beach, but you probably won't let it leave your home.

Viso Project Tapestry Blanket V73 ($195)

End. Clothing

Any visitor to your home will think you modern and sophisticated with this monochromatic and geometric tapestry. Consider it art you can fall asleep under.

Calvin Klein Vintage Eight-Point Star Throw ($99)

Bed Bath & Beyond

Relive the glorious and all-too-short days of Raf Simons at Calvin Klein with a throw that bears the same pattern as the quilts in from his debut collection. As far as archival Raf goes, this is as cheap as it gets.

Supreme Serape ($125)


Supreme's serape from SS20 was a quick sellout, and yet the resale price is surprisingly cheap. For just $27 bucks more than retail (plus fees) you can apply your hypebeast ways to decor.

The Elder Statesman 4 Panel Blanket ($8,995)

The Elder Statesman

Remember what I said about home goods as grails? That's how I feel about this prohibitively expensive blanket from cashmere specialist The Elder Statesman. Nobody needs a blanket that costs nearly 10 bands, but what a flex it would be to own one.