Here are the softest and coziest coats you absolutely need for winter

A cozy staple more elegant than your puffer.

Surely you’ve been strolling down the streets on the most frigid day when you see them, a person looking like a cozy king with an extravagant, furry coat. You lust over the combination of softness and warmth, imagining yourself draped in shag to rival an arctic creature. Sure, a puffer coat will do the trick through the thick of winter, but wouldn’t something a little more opulent be a treat?

A furry winter coat can be one of the most pleasureful experiences of winter, an indulgence absolutely worth giving into if you live in a cold enough climate. Years of use will help justify the high costs you’ll typically see, but you should also be relieved to know that there are also more affordable options that won’t require you to part with an entire paycheck.

To help treat yourself to something lavish, we’ve put together a range of our favorite furry coats at a range of budgets — all of them cruelty free. Whether it’s faux fur or a fleece applied apart from your typically outdoor gear, your new favorite winter coat is just down below.

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Your standard sherpa done a bit is done a bit differently with a purple fleece as soft to look at as it is to touch. And with a discount of nearly 50 percent, how could you possibly resist?

A faux fur leopard print is made to feel even more royal with lining coming in the signature shade of purple from the cult Japanese brand Needles.

If you’re going to drape yourself in (faux) fur, why stop at the waist? Go all the way down to your knees with this extremely reasonable coat from Edison Chen’s CLOT.

Kapital makes the most coveted fleece jackets around, but here it strays further from the fabric’s outdoor roots with a topcoat bringing the best of both worlds.

Casablanca typically holds our attention with its resort-ready summer attire, but this double-breasted and belted shearling coat in a can’t-miss red shows there isn’t a season the brand can’t tackle.

Just another staple item done right and lavishly by A.P.C. This is the type of coat that’ll work in seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.

We’re all familiar with Levi’s classic sherpa-lined trucker jacket, but America’s foremost denim experts make a case for going full shag on its quintessential silhouette.