9 shoulder bags you need right now for under $150

You'll never go back from the side bag life.

Klättermusen Fimmafang 4.0 Lumb

Many men in 2017 came to realize what women have long known to be true — carrying a shoulder bag throughout your everyday life is immensely convenient. What was trendy four years ago is now common place, and the market is flush with dude-oriented bags to sling over across your chest to hold what your mere pockets cannot.

Despite the continued rise of bags for men, there are still hold-outs amongst us. Our own Raymond Wong, one of the most stylish dudes at Input, just last month came to see the light generated by shoulder bags. And like him, once you get past any misguided notions of masculinity, you’ll be ready to carry everything you could possibly need in a normal day in a bag smaller and vastly better looking than a backpack.

Whether you’re just waiting to be converted or looking to switch up your daily carry, we’ve put together a great range of options for less than $150. More expensive and luxurious options exist, but you don’t need to spend more to maximize convenience.

Carhartt WIP Payton Shoulder Bag ($29)

End Clothing

This water-repellant bag from Carhartt’s more stylish subline is the very same one that won over own doubter in Raymond Wong. A front-zip is where you can stash your most-needed items, and additional pockets inside make organizing a cinch. It’s also got a low profile, which makes it easy to personalize with pins or patches. And even better, it’s on sale from the already cheap price of $59.

Nike ACG Karst ($70)


A large part of the men’s bag renaissance has involved slinging bum bags over the shoulders, and we endorse that move with this tactical joint from Nike ACG. Daisy chain webbing on the outside allow you to clip on items quickly — like, say, your keys, tools, or a flashlight. And wherever you affix it to your person, a padded back will make the bag more comfortable.

Stüssy Waist Bag ($65)


Stüssy makes its way into just about every product roundup we do because it’s the most consistent brand in streetwear. Quality and appeal are always guaranteed, and this is another waist bag worth repurposing for your shoulders.

C.P. Company Garment Dyed Crossbody Bag ($130)

C.P. Company

The intensity of the burnt orange on this bag from Italy’s C.P. Company is due to a unique garment dying process tailored to the nylon used to build it. A flap pocket keeps things attractively simple — and it’s much cheaper than what you’d pay for a similar dyed piece from the fellow Italians at Stone Island.

Snow Peak Side Attack Bag ($82)

End Clothing

Snow Peak’s Side Attack Bag is all pocket and all-utility. In addition to use on its own, it can be attached to the Japanese brand’s 2way backpack/bumbag hybrid as part of a modular system. It also maintain its color in your outdoor excursions thanks to anti-fade “Magic Protection.”

Klättermusen Fimmafang 4.0 Lumb ($130)

Hatchet Supply

Klättermusen is a Swedish outdoor brand you probably don’t know about but should. Its delightfully named Fimmafang is outrageously spacious with a capacity of 7 liters, and it’s sustainable too with 60-percent recycled polyamide construction.

Engineered Garments Khaki Ripstop Tote ($95)


A tote with shoulder-length straps is simpler alternative to many other bags, and Engineered Garments knocks it out of the park by using a khaki-colored ripstop. The foldover flap will give you more protection than other totes, and if logo-mania isn’t your thing you’ll be pleased with the tiny font on the patch.

Noah Mini Shoulder Bag ($48)


Noah’s mini shoulder bag is for just the bare essentials, perfect if you’re able to pack light for the day. You could just as easily hold it in your hands as throwing it over your shoulder, so you could accurately call it a clutch.

Briefing Sacoche S SL ($119)


I highlighted this smaller bag from Briefing earlier this year because the sale price was too good to be true — and, remarkably, the discount is still available. The Japanese brand makes nothing but high-quality, military-influenced baggage that are expensive but worth it. Normally, the Sacoche S SL retails for nearly $400, which is why I’m urging you once again to snag it for 60-percent off.