These awesome short-sleeve shirts will help you stand out this summer

If it's a camp collar, even better.

Summer will soon be upon us, meaning you should already have your eye set on a place to sit outdoors while enjoying a cool beverage. And when you picture yourself in that scene, you should be wearing something better than a T-shirt — especially now that vaccinations are giving us the opportunity to dress again.

A collared, short-sleeve shirt is the ideal choice to show you’re a man of leisure ready to get the best out of this summer. It’s a step above a graphic tee in charm, and the assortment of prints made just for the season ensure you’ll have just as much, if not more, fun.

We’ve put together a range of options that we’d be stoked to be spotted wearing while squeezing a lime into a dewy can of Tecate. We won’t say that a camp collar is a must — but it is something of the Cholula on top of the beer that is your perfect seasonal shirt.

Saturdays NYC York Camp Collar ($155)

Saturdays NYC

Saturdays New York City does immaculate shirting, shown by the brand’s equal adeptness with block colors as prints. This particular shade of green is so good it stands out on its own — and leaves you with the room to go crazier with your shorts.

Stüssy Diamond Jacquard Linen Shirt ($135)


Linen is the best fabric you can wear in hot weather, and the texture of Stüssy’s is made even better with a tonal jacquard weave. Prices for linen can get quite steep, but leave it to the OG streetwear brand to get on your shoulders without gouging you.

4S Designs Combo Wide Camp Shirt ($249)

End. Clothing

4S Designs’ very ‘90s faded striped shirt may just be the best shirt you can wear for 4th of July without fear of looking like you’re MAGA.

Tombolo “Humo de la Habana” Cabana ($128)


Tombolo made the quintessential Cuban shirt even more so by draping cigars down the front of a pattern inspired by table cloths from the country. Only 250 of these were made — and the totally reasonable price tag should have you jumping on the limited-edition Guayabera.

Dries Van Noten Len Lye Edition Tattoo Short Sleeve ($600)


A Hawaiian-like print shouldn’t go so well with a spread color, but that’s the magic that is Dries Van Noten. Credit the assist to Len Lye, the late artist whose work decorates an immaculate range of clothing from this season’s collection.

Supreme Bandana Silk Shirt ($158)


I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out why this very affordable silk shirt from Supreme hasn’t sold out, and the only answer I’ve come up with is an assumption that you’d look like a Blood. Just dress it right and you’ll nail one of most underrated pieces from Supreme this year.

La Paz Alegre Printed Cocktail Shirt ($170)

Canoe Club

A martini may not be your drink of choice, but this allover print will look great on drinkers of any variety.

Levi’s Made & Crafted Relaxed Camp Shirt ($104)


If the size of the collar is indicative of how good of a time you’re having, nights in these stripes from Levi’s premium Made & Crafted line will be some of the best of your life.

3Sixteen Leisure Shirt ($165)


3Sixteen is known best for its denim, but the craftsmanship is just as good on this floral shirt made in India. Each shirt is handprinted, meaning no two are exactly a like — and you’ll love how the coconut buttons feel in your hand.