Here are the best scarves you need to bundle up in this winter

Protect ya neck.

As you pile on the layers to brace yourself to face gelid conditions this winter, do not overlook the scarf. If you haven’t already adopted the cold weather accessory in the past, you’ll be blown away once you realize just how crucial that tiny window of exposed neck can be. I myself was a holdout against scarves until a few years ago, thinking they were too stuffy literally and aesthetically, but now that I’ve seen how much a difference-maker keeping your neck is I’ll never go back.

Once you’ve decided to commit to the scarf, it’s time to decide which type is for you. Even if you’re skeptical of your ability to pull it off you’ll find that, like most things, the key is to simply own whatever you choose. A classic array of wools in collegiate stripes or stately tartan is a cheat code to making you look more handsome. If you’re more into the gorp look, a puffer scarf pulls lessons from outdoor gear to a pillowy wrap best fit for city life. And if you’re really looking to show out, go for something more dazzling from a more of-the-moment type of brand.

To help set you on your journey of proper neck protection, we’ve put together a range of scarves that’ll each keep you cozy and impress others. The investment can run from minor to major, but there shouldn’t be anything keeping you from wearing the right one years and years ahead.

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We love the alertness of red and white here on this collegiate striped scarf, or muffler, but the progenitor of the Shaggy Dog sweater has a whole host of other color options at an unbeatable price.

If early-century prep isn’t your thing, jump way ahead into the future with this detailed knit scarf from Byborre. The Dutch brand utilizes technology to program remarkably intricate patterns, and here it’s teamed up with Henk Schiffmacher to put his artwork around in your neck in three dimensions.

Acne’s years-long devotion to stunning scarves and beanies has made it high-fashion’s king of winter accessories. The Swedish label truly doesn’t miss in this field, but we’ve fallen particularly in love with this bold and uneven mix of pink and blue.

$270 is a killer entry point to Spain’s reigning luxury house — and it’ll get you not some cheap token, but a scarf as striking as it is soft with that choice leather patch.

Woolrich may be known best for its, umm, wool, but it also has a great way with quilted nylon you’d typically see in mid-layer jackets. With an assist from red-hot Aimé Leon Dore, wind- and water-repellence are made to look timeless.

424 designer Guillermo Andrade constantly taps into Black and Latinx street culture, and this oversized paisley scarf takes the bandana to new levels.

Stone Island’s rain camo remix looks more digital than it does wet, and it’s the perfect anchor for your winter tech look. Even better, there’s not a Stoney patch that you have to stress over keeping on or removing.

Turning The North Face’s iconic Nuptse puffer into a scarf is entirely ridiculous, but enough people are ready to fully envelop themselves in down that this piece is sold out nearly everywhere.