The best purses to gift (or get) this Valentine’s Day

Don’t look for “the one.” Look at these eight cute bags instead.

Georgie Hunter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Flowers, wine, and chocolate are all classic Valentine’s Day gifts, but they typically don’t last much longer than the holiday itself. If you’re looking for something that truly symbolizes everlasting love — whether as a gift for someone or yourself — it’s worth looking into accessories that will hold up past February.

Purses are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift thanks to their versatility and storage — what’s a heart-shaped locket when you could buy a heart-shaped bag that fits more? And with flirty festivities around the corner, you may be looking for the perfect purse for date night or a hangout with friends.

Don’t fret: From bougie designer digs to trendy budget picks, the right bag is out there for everyone. These eight are the best of the bunch.

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This Marc Jacobs tote is perfectly festive, but won’t look out of place in your closet after Valentine’s Day. Unlike the typical tote bag, this purse features interior pockets to organize your stuff, meaning you’ll be able to find your belongings without digging around. Durable leather straps make carrying the bag comfortable — no matter what you’ve got in it — and a removable crossbody strap means you can wear it multiple ways.

If fashion takes priority over function, consider this mini bag for your V-Day celebrations. Its silver chain strap and oversized buckle will add just the right amount of detail to any look, granted you don’t need to carry anything larger than lip gloss. Besides, you can always ask your significant other to help pocket any other essentials.

A plush design and metallic finish make this Coach purse ideal for date night or going out with friends, but it’s a statement bag guaranteed to be worn on the regular. An updated version of an archival 1970s Coach bag, the accessory features two detachable straps to carry by hand, style as a shoulder bag, or wear as a crossbody, making it pretty versatile. Yet its pillow-inspired silhouette is cheekily on theme for Valentine’s Day without obvious motifs like hearts or red accents.

Embrace the heart-filled holiday with this equally heart-filled bag. With trendy features like an embossed crocodile effect, detachable shoulder strap, and mesh base, you can trust the purse will repeatedly make appearances on its recipient’s Instagram feed — and better yet, its gold-tone logo plaque doesn’t inflate the price tag beyond $500 like other designer digs. Get into V-Day with the bright pink version or this more neutral tan iteration.

Sometimes, all you need is a big ass bag to throw all your belongings in. This iteration, made sustainably from luxe pink Italian suede, makes lugging everything around look chic. If you’re planning a special Valentine’s Day trip, its roomy interior should have room for some clothing, toiletries, and anything else you might want to bring.

Made for the person who insists they’re not extra — but totally is, and loves it — this bedazzled bag boasts a metallic bead exterior and secure magnetic closure. It’s sure to make a statement by itself, but can also be paired with an equally statement-making outfit. Luckily, this design won’t break your heart (or your wallet) making it a great gift for yourself or that someone special.

Streetwear lovers need love too, and there’s no better way to show it than with this faux fur tote. Not overly thematic, the design balances out its red heart graphic with a camo print that can easily be dressed up or down. Try styling the furry bag with a matching Valentine’s Day sneaker to complete the look.

It’s almost inevitable that one of the Kardashian sisters will post a pic with this designer bag, especially given Kim’s recent endorsement of the model. With a curved shape and luxe lambskin lining, Balenciaga’s Hourglass purse is one of this year’s hottest (and most expensive) bags. If you’re in the mood to truly treat yourself — or are an extremely generous gift giver — this accessory may be worth the splurge. While its heart graphics are ideal for Valentine’s Day, the design can be worn throughout the year — and for that price, it should be.