$900 luxury trousers and 7 other pleated pants to upgrade your style

Time to smarten up your fit.

Pleated pants have come back from the stuffy confines of sartorial hell to become a quick elevation for any outfit. Once in the domain of stale khakis and goofy golf shorts, the structured folds have been popping up throughout men's fashion to make the big pants movement even roomier.

Whether it's a single or double pleat, the added fabric gives trousers more character and a slight sense of dandy. Substitute pleated pants for jeans with your favorite T-shirt and you've got an easy style hack, or dress them up to go dandier. Because there are no rules, even jeans and track pants have been pleated — and we're eagerly awaiting the pleated sweatpants from 4S Designs, the new brand from Angelo Urrutia of Engineered Garments and Nepenthes.

Seeing as the temperatures are dropping and it's time to bust out the pants again, we've put together a range of pleated pants for you to reinvigorate your wardrobe this fall.

Noah Double Pleat Herringbone ($248)


Noah has been one of the biggest proponents of pleats throughout its past few seasons, and the brand's latest output comes in thick Japanese herringbone. Double pleats are a more aggressive move, so you could consider these the inevitable second step if you've already dabbled in the single pleat.

Noah Pleated Chino ($228)


There's a slight difference between chinos and khakis, with the former being more formal. Under Noah's direction, that distinction is only by name — and its chinos are begging to be worn by skaters.

Comme des Garçons Shirt Grey Wool Forever Trousers ($885)


Pleats with a cropped leg are just *chef's kiss*. CdG routinely makes some of the best cropped trousers around, and these roomy and warm merino wool joints will ensure you have a drapey winter.

Barbour Pleat-Detail Trousers ($284)


For a more affordable take on pleated-wool, consider the lighter grey pants from Barbour of waxed jacket fame. The straight-leg cut isn't quite as wide but still leaves plenty of room, and we're enamored with the stitched cuffs.

Lemaire Brown Belted Pleats Trousers ($520)


Achieving the perfect pile with a pair of wider pants is a delicate pursuit, but one worth making with these high-rise woven trousers from Lemaire. The built-in-only belt only makes them all the more daring.

Ami Indigo Pleated Trousers ($310)


Ami's pleated denim toes the line between jeans and trousers for peak versatility. For those hesitant to stray from jeans, these are an ideal compromise for more dressy bottoms.

A-Cold-Wall* Pleat-Cuff Trousers ($330)


A-Cold-Wall may refer to their nylon pleats as trousers, but let's call them what they are: track pants. Instead of at the hips, the pleating is done down near the cuffs to create a strange but welcomed pile down at your feet.

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Graphic Print Pleated Trousers ($627)


Issey Miyake's Homme Plissé line makes the grail-level pleats using a proprietary process involving heat instead of stitching. The pants have long come in a variety of colors and cuts — including wide and slim legs, with cuffing that rises to the extreme — but graphics are a new development to make the pleats even more covetable.