An asymmetrical hunting jacket and 9 other linen pieces you should wear this summer

Jackets, shorts, shirts, and more made of the breezy material.

Linen is the fabric of gods.

Even though it's one of the oldest textiles in the history of the world, I'll never forget my own moment of revelation upon putting it on for the first time. The item of clothing at hand was pair of linen shorts discovered in Tokyo, and from then on I never wanted to wear anything else during the summer.

Made from the flax plant, linen is thicker, more durable, and more breathable than cotton. It's also much cooler because of its natural moisture wicking properties. And from a purely aesthetic standpoint, the way it drapes is just *chef's kiss*.

Wearing all-linen all summer may be ambitious, and a goal I haven't fully realized, but there's always room to add more of the choice material into your wardrobe. To oblige, we rounded up some of the best linen pieces on the market.

Uniqlo Linen Blended Relaxed Pants ($40)


Linen doesn’t have to be expensive to feel like it. Uniqlo has a smart pair of pants that’s dumb cheap, cementing the brand as a style hack for any budget.

Reese Cooper Asymmetrical Hunting Jacket ($337)


Linen outerwear may seem counterintuitive, but it can be ideal for those cool summer nights. Reese Cooper applies it to workwear with this asymmetrical hunting jacket on sale for half off.

Bode Embroidered Short-Sleeve Shirt ($468)


This barely there combination of silk and linen from Emily Bode features gorgeous pagoda embroidery reminding you why she’s one of the most exciting young designers around. You’d forget you’re wearing it if it weren’t so likely to draw compliments.

House of the Very Islands Striped Linen Trousers ($207)


It’s time to embrace the big pants movement if you haven’t already. All that room will only make the luxurious fabric more breezy.

RRL Scenic-Print Linen-Blend Shirt ($174)

Ralph Lauren

Trade in the usual beach scenery for some equally marvelous canyons. This camp shirt from RRL still maintains some tropical vibes, though, with coconut shell buttons. And it’s half off its usual $350 price tag.

COS Camp Collar Organic Cotton-Linen Shirt ($99)


COS is a solid source for affordable basics, as this oversized camp collar proves. Black may not be most people’s go-to color for the summer months, but it’s good to have cooler options if you’re committed to the aesthetic.

Our Legacy Knitted Box Tee Tie-Dye (~$247)

Our Legacy

Our Legacy’s tie-dye linen T-shirt is borderline see through, requiring some degree of bravery or confidence to pull off. That trade off is worth it with all the air that’ll find its way through this fine knit.

Casablanca Stripe Shorts ($190)


Casablanca has been a mainstay through our weekly product roundups this spring and summer because the brand is quintessentially of the warmer months. Unlike most of their offerings, however, these shorts are relatively understated.

Blue Blue Japan Open Spread Collar Shirt ($176)


No frills here, just a well made spread collar shirt in a navy you can’t go wrong with. It’s made in Japan, but the blows of important fees have been done away with through a 37 percent discount.

Noah Madras Short ($112)


Madras is the namesake fabric for these unabashedly preppy shorts, but they're actually 74 percent Italian linen. They're also pleated, which should be all but a requirement for your bottoms these days.