The best hoodies to get you ready for spring

It's about time to start shedding some layers.

Emotionally Unavailable Emo Letter Hoodie

I couldn’t tell you what that groundhog we as a society have forced into labor has decreed, but the lengthening daylight and slightly less punishing temperatures suggest spring is just around the corner. This means you’ll soon be able to go outside with just one layer of outerwear, none of them more joyous than the hoodie.

Along with the graphic T-shirt, the hoodie is the streetwear staple that’ll never go away. It’s both superbly comfortable and an ideal template for expression, and few purchases are ever as exciting as when you pick up a new one. So to help give you an extra serotonin boost to go along with the pending increase in vitamin D, we’ve gathered up the 10 best hoodies that you can scoop up right now.

Whether you’re going for a reliable basic, head-turning graphics, or something that challenges your very conception of a hoodie — the perfect choice for you lies ahead.

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The Gap influence is clear in this subcultural nod, but you’re not going to find high-quality, made-in-Japan cotton like this at your local mall.

Ice Dye is a process that involves placing ice cubes atop a garment, sprinkling on some dye, and then letting the resulting melt decide just what the final product looks like. This means you’ll get a one-of-a-kind hoodie from Camp High, the intoxicant friendly brand from Supreme and Burton alumni out of California.

You can never go wrong with a Champion Reverse Weave, but for something slightly more elevated and completely logo-less you can turn to Beams Plus while remaining in a reasonable price range.

Boston’s best boutique recently partnered with one of the most rousing cult brands in NYC for an excellent capsule of outdoor gear. They describe their fleece hoodie as “sticking a bicycle pump full of coziness into your favorite black sweatshirt” and, well, we just can’t beat that description.

There’s something intoxicating about Parra’s signature color palette, and we love it even more on this cheeky font made out of beaked faces.

Thanks to its electric T2 capsule, Brain Dead has done more of a service to the Terminator franchise than any filmmaker has in the millennium.

No one makes the impending doom of our heating planet look more fashionable than Online Ceramics.

Is a Palace hoodie the key to finding harmony? There’s only one way to find out.

Come for the neon-like graphics, stay for the shoe string hood tie.

Lord knows the world doesn’t need another luxury hoodie, but Marni’s rippling back graphic has us rethinking our fatigue.