These are the coolest (and warmest) gloves you need for this winter

Bundle up every last digit.

The glove needs no introduction, but perhaps in your adulthood you’ve overlooked the winter accessory. No longer are you throwing snowballs as much as used to, and unless you’re a sultan of the slopes you may easily have left your hands to neglect during the coldest months. Make no mistake, you should still be wearing gloves — and you’ll have a great deal of fun should you choose to do so.

For this week’s product roundup, we’re talking gloves in the strictest sense of the definition. No mittens that render your fingers largely useless, but full-on articulation of your most essential digits. The choice is up to you whether to go leather, fleece, or gorp-y nylon — but each should bring that little extra pop as you fully bundled up.

We’ve gathered up our favorites on the market to help you leave no skin exposed as winter really kicks into gear. And if you’re prepared to drop some serious coin, you may very well have the pair you wear for the rest of your life.

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Let’s start with our absolute favorites, a pair of absolute units from a 19th-century American heritage brand revived by Japan. They’re insanely hard to find, but we’ve scouted out a full-size run for this white pair that would make a yeti jealous.

A pair of technical gloves Kanye West would absolutely love, courtesy of the hottest outdoor brand of the moment. They’re designed for proper mountaineering but will also hold you down just fine if you’re continuing to drink cold brew in the winter.

Speaking of mountaineering, take a look at these absolute mad lads from The North Face. They come from TNF’s ultra-durable, ultra-functional Summit Series and are an act of overkill for most that we full-heartedly endorse.

Japanese drip god Jun Takahashi wants your hands in this deceptively simple but killer knit blend that calls to mind gardening gloves.

Missoni hardly makes any gloves for men, which is a shame with such a dazzling array of knit patterns in its arsenal. The women’s market is flush though, and you should be able to make a larger size work for you if your hands aren’t exceedingly big. (No judgment.)

Supple leather gloves get that Prada touch with small, ceramic logo-adorned pouch that may come in surprisingly handy.