Here are 8 masks you’ll actually love wearing

Most are super cheap, but we threw in a few "luxury" choices.

Kangol Face Mask

Even if you’ve been among those fortunate enough to get vaccinated already, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still recommending that you wear a face mask in public. The end of the year-long nightmare is in sight, but you need to continue doing your part to ensure that we get it over with sooner than later.

We rounded up some of the best face masks early on in the pandemic, and now there are an overwhelming number of options. Because people have had plenty of time to shroud their faces, sellouts are no longer an issue either, making the coolest masks out easier to cop than it would have been in 2020.

For the most part, we’ve kept things cheap. Six of the eight masks we’ve included here are $25 or less, but we also know that some of you want to ball out. So we’ve also included two “luxury” options that aren’t, like, a Louis Vuitton monogram piece that’ll make you look like a completely pretentious human.

Jerry Garcia x Keen Together ($20)


This is the mask I’ve been rocking since fall, and I’ve yet to not have the coolest mask in whatever room I’ve entered. The designs comes from two of the late Grateful Dead singer’s painters, which you can also get on Keen’s super crunchy sandals.

Adidas 3-Pack ($20)


A simple Trefoil mark was all it took for Adidas to sell out early runs of its mask, proving the continued power of logo-mania. Now, you can get a three pack in a range of colors with ease — and the Primegreen material used is perfect for running.

Levi’s Reversible Printed Face Mask ($5)


Many businesses won’t let you in if you’re wearing a bandana instead of a full-blown face mask, but you can still rock paisley on one side of Levi’s reversible face mask. They’re also on sale down from $15, which is one hell of a deal for three masks.

Rowing Blazers ($25)

Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers couldn’t keep up with demand for its prep-patterned face masks for most of 2021, and at one point it used the curtains from its dressing room just to make a few more. Now that more time has elapsed, you can have your choice of nearly thirty different prints.

Polo Ralph Lauren ($20)

Polo Ralph Lauren

Or, for a more classic approach to prep, you can pick up one of Polo’s many face masks with horsepower. There’s even a sports version if you’re willing to tack on another $10. And each mask comes with a pouch so you don’t have to leave tuck into your pockets raw.

Kangol ($20)


You’ll never look as good as LL Cool J in a Kangol cap, but you can certainly pull of the brand’s retro, kangaroo-adorned face mask.

Homme Plisse Issey Miyake Tube ($125)


Leave it to Issey Miyake to make his highly desirable pleats into an avant-garde face covering. This gaiter hugs the skin and goes down the length of your kneck, so protection isn’t sacrificed in the name of ~fashion~.

Marine Serre ($160)

The Webster

Marine Serre’s Islam-inspired crescent moon is a luxury badge we can approve of wearing on your face. We’ve yet to see an item of apparel that it doesn’t stick the landing on.