These are the absolute best Crocs you can buy right now

Make the shoe of the summer your own.

Unless you’ve spent the past year isolating in an actual swamp, you’ve probably noticed Crocs everywhere. The instantly recognizable, and once admonished, footwear have made the Colorado-based brand one of the hottest around. High-profile collaborations consistently sell out, while the company nearly doubled its revenue in the most recent quarter compared to the same period last year.


The unexpected rise of Crocs is sort of an addendum to the normcore movement, which saw stylish folk adopt plain or plain ugly footwear and apparel with a sense of irony. But while wearing the fugly foam clogs may have started as a tongue-and-cheek move, discovering how comfortable they are has been no laughing matter. Stripping down to cozy basics marked the worst days of the pandemic, and even as we return to a more normal life people aren’t ready to give up the plush feeling that Crocs offer.

With Crocs popularity showing no sign of dying down, we’ve decided to round up the best pairs you can buy right now. Thanks to the brand’s low price tags, many of the sold-out collabs can even be had for less than you’d pay for your favorite sneakers at retail.

Classic Marbled Clog ($55)


In addition to offering its Classic Clog in wide range of colors, Crocs has introduced more and more patterns as its seen its offerings deemed in-style. On our favorites is this marbling, which can be seen as tie-dye-adjacent.

Baya Seasonal Printed Clog ($55)


The Baya is just a Classic Clog with Crocs’ name featured as a cutout on the toe box. That small change is hard to make out here, though, as the snakeskin print holds all your attention.

Classic Crocs Sandal ($40)


If you aren’t crazy about the standard Crocs’s silhouette, you can still get the same comfort from its two-strapped sandal. It’s also a great house shoe and the one you can catching me rocking inside at nearly all times.

Diplo “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” Classic Clog ($80+)


Dammit, Diplo. He may be a total skeeve, but his Crocs collab is one of the best to date. The EDM producer hopped from cowboy to hippie and was given his own tie-dye print with mushroom Jibbitz climbing to high elevations. Best of all: the Diplo name Jibbitz can be removed.

Bistro Pro LiteRide ($60)


As the name suggests, the Bistro Pro has been made specifically for kitchen works who’ve adopted Crocs while they stand for hours at a time. Gone are the holes to protect toes from hazard and mess, and an added LiteRide footbed cranks up the cozy factor.

Classic Floral Clog ($55)


Crocs have long been as popular in the garden as they are in the kitchen, so why make the effect full with flowers you don’t have to work for?

Grateful Dead x Chinatown Market Tie-Dye Clog ($94+)


Arriving at the peak of the Deadhead trend last summer, we still can’t get over the band’s official collaboration with Crocs and Chinatown market. The unique tie-dye and bear Jibbitz are just too good to resist, even if you could care less about the jam band itself.

Classic Prismatic Clog ($55)

Finish Line

How about some clogs with some luster? The pearlescent foam is similar to some light-activated garments that have become popular in recent years, but for a fraction of the price and visible at all times.