Embrace the Crocs and Birkenstock life with these 8 incredible clogs

From the resurgent Crocs to something more high-end.

Thanks in large part to Crocs and Birkenstock, clogs are hotter than ever amongst men who aren’t either gardeners or Swedish. The casual footwear choice is enjoying something of a renaissance along with sandals and mules, and you may be wondering what exactly sets apart a clog from then.

The answer, typically, is in the thickness of the sole — although traditionally, clogs would be made partly or totally with wood. Dudes aren’t suddenly walking around with shoes made out of the same material as George Washington’s teeth, but instead with backless shoes with thick soles, often even more so at the heel.

Crocs’ Classic Clog is the hottest of the category right now, as well as one of the hottest shoes of the moment period. Its foam construction shows not only how the definition of clog has changed, but also an increased focus on comfortable and fuss-free footwear. The clog options go much further, though, which is why we’ve put together our favorite for you to add to your rotation this summer.

Birkenstock Boston ($145)


Besides Crocs, there’s no more popular clog right now than Birkenstock’s famous Boston silhouette. There are countless color and material combinations, but we’re partial to this clean oiled leather that comes looking naturally faded.

Birkenstock Super-Birki ($80)


If you’re looking for something more outdoorsy, whether or not that involves gardening, Birkenstock’s polyurethane Super-Birki is another great choice that falls more in line with how we traditionally think of clogs. It’s on the dorkier end — but inexplicably pulling them off is a large part of the appeal.

Bottega Veneta Puddle Rubber Clogs ($510)


The Puddle Rubber Clogs are just another reason to love Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta. It’s part gardener, part fashion, and an absolute unit.

Hathenbruck Chillbies ($120)


Salt Lake City-based brand Hathenbruck gives its Chillbies clogs a more aggressive tread than usual and a “waterproof at the front” construction that have made them a hit among outdoor enthusiasts. Even if you plan to keep things more low-key, you’ll love the gel insole tucked in for its comfort.

Yuketen Bostonion ($365)

Mr. Porter

The name may suggest a Birkenstock Boston ripoff, but you should instead consider Yuketen’s version the more premium option. They’re handcrafted and come with jute-trim midsole that tips off its source of craftsmanship.

JW Anderson Felt Buckle Loafer ($425)

JW Anderson

Is it a loafer, a sandal, or a clog? Who cares — we just love the felt that’s begging to be touched and the comically oversized buckle.

Ales Grey Rodeo Drive Slip On ($88)

Ales Grey

Your patience will be rewarded if you pre-order these partially recycled clogs that just came to our attention this week. The only way to get them right now is to contribute to the clogs’ Kickstarter campaign and wait for October — but doing so will give you a leg up on one of our new favorite shoes.

Crocs Classic Marbled Clog ($55)


You didn’t think we’d leave out Crocs, did you? They’re comfort nirvana, and here’s hoping the choice marble gives it something like extra healing crystal properties.