These amazing corduroy pants will keep you cozy all winter long

You simply can’t go wrong with a pair of handsome cold weather staples.

Corduroy is a fabric that’s had a diverse range of associations throughout its history, from its most recognizable roots in the 19th century British working class to a signifier of counter-culture in the 1960s. Today, especially with pants, it’s situated more within a preppy look than anything — but corduroy should be a staple in everyone’s winter wardrobe.

Both cozy and handsome, corduroy trousers are a versatile choice for winter that’ll take you more places than more casual pants can. Once made for its durability, corduroy’s heavy weight makes it warmer than other pants — especially when it’s woolen instead of made from cotton — while the tufted textures gives it a sort-of dapper appeal that’s not quite as stuffy as pinstriped.

To encourage you on your blissful cord journey, we’ve put together a group of our favorite corduroy pants on the market. Some more daring brands have even applied the fabric where you’d normally find nylon or canvas, making for pants truly unlike anything you might already have in your dresser.

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Cult brand 18 East routinely bridges menswear with outdoor and skate apparel while adopting prints native to its manufacturing base in India. The results are often delightfully bonkers, including this dazzling pants and shorts hybrid that leave plenty of room for movement.

Extremely meta embroidery brings Polo’s famous rugbies to this cheeky pair of navy blue trousers that prove there’s plenty of fun to be had within prep.

Noah has been a steady champion of pleating for several years now, proving skaters can look just as good in the folds your grandpa loves.

Throw it back to corduroy’s workwear roots with this classically German arrangement of leather-reinforced pockets and a dual-zippered opening. You won’t find corduroy more durable at such a low price point.

Made in America through a Japanese point of view, this Navy-inspired cut of trousers gets a modern update with corduroy worth drooling over.

The same fit as your favorite pair of denim, only in a plush corduroy more appropriate for finer settings.

Further exploration into the possibilities of cords comes from Stüssy, which gives the material the track pant treatment with elastic waistband and side striping.

Embrace your inner disco king with these fiery orange cords with a slick hook and bar enclosure.

A baggy fit and built-in adjustable belt means you could bring these pants up a wall with you — and the resulting damage could result in a whole lot of character.