How to look your best (and comfiest) while you travel

Though many people have committed to wearing matching sets and athleisure full-time, there’s a way to still look put together getting from point A to point B.

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA - NOVEMBER 17: Boy band BTS is seen at Incheon International Airport on Novembe...
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Over the past couple of years, the house has doubled as a sanctuary, office, and entertainment center, saving many from taking the dreaded airport Uber. As the holidays approach and travel is on almost everyone’s radar, here’s a guide to your best — and comfiest — looks for the roads and airways ahead.

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Adidas Ultraboosts, $190

There are few things more annoying than having to take off a pair of high tops while being shoved through TSA. A soft but solid pair of Adidas Ultraboosts can relieve some of the stress of irreparable scuffs from the security bins. Just don’t be that guy who takes them off during the flight.